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2 Tips to Add Sizzle to Your Date Night

You'd think after the years together and a couple of kids under the roof, you'd know how to have a great date night, after all, you got this far somehow. But being a couple with a history comes with it's own issues, namely the same old date. It doesn't have to be that way though. You can take that same old date night and add some flare to it, and pump some romance back into that relationship.

Let's turn up the sizzle on the same old date.

Find a new restaurant to eat at. Just changing up something simple can make a big difference. Search out one that has a dance floor and suddenly the date is a whole new one. No longer is it just eat and chat, now you can take your partner in your arms and dance the night away.

Put on your best clothes. Once we've been with the same partner for a while we drop our appearances, after all, they have seen you at your best and worst. What's just the same old outfit going to do? So change up date night by going all out. Remember what it was like getting ready for the first date, the extra effort put into making the best first impression. Make a first impression all over again. Gals, grab your fave low cut shirt or dress, pull the push-up bra outta the mothballs and glam it up. He'll thank you for it later. Guys, go the extra step, put on the cologne again, shave up clean, do your hair, just add those little extra touches to let your woman know she still deserves to have a hot hunk on her arm.

Just those two little tips can change up date night and make it new again. Don't settle for the same old bump and grind, change things up and put the sizzle back in your marriage.

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