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5 Fun Ideas For An Interesting Date Night

You don't really have to spend so much to enjoy a fun and memorable night with your date. Remember that the purpose of a date is for you and the other person to get to know each other more deeply and find out if a more stable relationship is in the works for the two of you.

You don't have to go all out to impress the person you're with. Sure, a fancy dinner might awe her for a minute or two, but without a personality, you might as well say goodbye to a second attempt.

There are many ways to enjoy an evening date. Before anything, settle on an activity that is amenable to both of you. Don't go walking barefoot by the shore if she's not into getting her feet dirty and does not really enjoy the beach. Don't opt for a fancy dinner if she's more comfortable with casual environments, like a local ice cream shop or a Mexican deli.

Compromise at the onset so that things run smoothly during the entire duration of the date and you won't have to worry about what she does and doesn't like along the way.

But, if your date likes surprises, then you can let your creativity rise in full force. Below are some fun tips to ensuring an interesting date night.

1) Go to a carnival

Going to a carnival or fair is the perfect date for those who love to love life. There's plenty to see and do to keep the conversation flowing. And with the flurry of colorful lights all around, you are sure to never get bored.

2) Disco fever

Scan local listing for the nearest rollerskating alley or 70s night club and treat your date to a night of reminiscing and dancing. You might even want to dress according to the theme of the night to keep things interesting. Don't forget to take pictures so you'll have something to laugh over and share stories about after.

3) Belt out some tunes

One of the most fun night date ideas is going to the Karaoke bar. You and your date might want to get up on stage and prove to the world than you can, ahem, sing, or you can just enjoy the night and watch people fumble over the lyrics and bastardize melodies. Singing love songs on the first date is a no-no, though. It's too cheesy and could scream 'desperate'.

4) Roadtrip

Get in the car and just drive. You don't have to have a specific location. You can even circle all the town's streets if you want to. A car date gives you an opportunity to talk to your date longer, without having to worry about whether she likes where you took her or is picky about ambience. If you get hungry, go to a drive-through.

5) Reverse the Dinner-Movie Routine

Go to the movie first before you head for dinner. This way, you have more time to talk to your date and get to know her. You'll definitely have a better topic to break the ice because you can instantly jump into a discussion about the film without those awkward 'hi', 'hello' pauses.

Finally, after all has been said and done, take the dating experience for what it really is -- dating. You don't need to exert too much effort to please the other person, otherwise you'll be misperceived as pushing too hard. Calm your nerves. Dating should be fun!

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