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At the Foot of the Cross - Easter Poem

At the foot of the cross, I lay it all down
Everything in my life, that's hidden deep inside
I give it away, for my Savior to heal
These fears that I have, that I've buried for years
At the feet of Jesus, my heart pours out tears
As I kneel and pray, my thoughts become clear
And I finally see what's so very dear

At the foot of the cross, I cry out in pain
Anguishing thoughts pour out like rain
But, amidst these tears, I find a peace so calm
As Jesus scurries in, the darkness fades away
My heart is freed, my mind once again sane
And the past torments I've had are forever washed away
My life burns brighter, like the dawning of a new day

At the foot of the cross, I'm loved and not lost
Where the Holy drops of blood, have paid off sin's costs
And the Savior was taken, now risen once more
Through the grace of God, the veil was torn

And the world was cast a new rope of hope
Dangling freely from Heaven, climbable by faith alone
To an eternal place, where sin and death are dead

At the foot of the cross, life can be found
On your knees draped in blood, on Calvary's sacred ground.

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