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Attracting The Right Relationship

There are millions of single people in this vast world we live in. Many secretly desire to light the flame of a passionate, exciting relationship. I am a professional Matchmaker skilled in understanding the burning desires single people have. I remove the roadblocks that exist in the minds of those single people.

A successful path to building long lasting relationships is not a one size fits all. It isn't magic. It takes great personal investment of time and energy getting to know people. Magnetism is natural yet can be developed. This is the first step to attracting the relationship you desire. If you smile, carry yourself with confidence, engage people on their level of intellect and interest you will have the tools to open doors. It is about charismatic energy combined with honest communication. Once you establish initial magnetism you then must do the work. I have advised single people for many years to go on multiple dates with one person instead of short one and done meet and greets that last an hour each time. Dating for relationship purposes takes time, energy and work.

The fact is all flourishing relationships require work. Tender loving care with passion and a smile will help you grow. It is about personal growth. When you grow together you have a strong base of connecting points. These connecting points can be embedded in attraction, value system compatibility and personal chemistry. It is about understanding needs and feelings, caring in a selfless way about your partner. If you develop love passion will never leave the relationship. This takes confidence and willingness to work at it. When you identify who that special person is you must be all in. The pursuit of happiness in the ups and downs of life can be fulfilled in great relationships.

Here are some points to think about

  1. Communication as the central nervous system to all things relevant
  2. Social skills
  3. Value systems
  4. Essence of personality
  5. Authenticity

Great communication is a skill, you must develop the ability to understand who you are communicating with by actively listening to them.

Being social by being fun to be with as if you are an entertainer is a skill you will need. Men and women thrive on flirtation stirring them and being playful is part of initial attraction. Having that social charm helps you develop attention in early stages of relationship development.

What do you believe in? Be honest, find the partner that shares your core values. Never be afraid to express values.

Personality is such a major cement of all relationships. Having vision, projecting yourself in a confident way. If you are articulate, bright, creative,, dynamic, enthusiastic, flexible, gregarious, imaginative, motivated, you then want to attract those that are like this. Assess the essence of your personality because knowing who you are is the key to developing a connection with who you should be with.

Be authentic, most of all be the selfless one and you will succeed at being an authentic concerned likeable person. A person who likely will find a soul mate.

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