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Beauty for Ashes - Testimony by Andrea Denise

At age 13 my world came crashing down. I unexpectedly I lost my fishing buddy, my source of laughter, my daddy. My daddy and I would sing, dance, and cook together all in continuous laughter. I developed my outgoing personality and huge heart from him. When I heard my aunt and uncle tell me he had gone to be with God, I felt as though a piece of me was torn out and taken with him.

Just three months later, on a white hospital bed in my living room, I saw my mom take her last breath. Sitting on my fireplace in my house that was once a home, I wondered what I would do without her. She was there for me through it all and was a source of my strength. She was my inspiration. The day before my 14th birthday, my mom was called home to be with God, leaving me alone in this world. I lost the best adviser, motivator, and hero to the terrible disease of breast cancer. I was terrified…

Have you ever been punched so hard in your stomach that it knocked all of the wind out of you? Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom so fast, you had no sense of direction or any knowledge of how to get out of the place you had fallen to? If so, you now know how I felt as a 14 year old. Lost, scared, weary, angry, frustrated, confused, and numb…

Looking back onto the craziest part of my life, I’m so thankful for God. He has taken what the enemy meant for bad and turned it into my testimony to help thousands of other people. What the enemy tried to use to break me actually strengthened me! Yes, there are times where it still hurts but I’ve used that hurt to help others in their pain. I want people to know they aren’t alone and that there is hope on the other side. Healing will take some time but it will and does get better- I’m living proof!

Written by Andrea Denise 

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