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Bible Foods That Heal - Download Free E-Book

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God has given us healing foods right in the Bible, beginning in the Garden of Eden. The fig, for example, is mentioned in Genesis and more than fifty times throughout the Word of God. Also, Olive Oil, Honey, And Spices were used as a food and a medicine, with many references to anointing with oil and spices for purification of objects and humans.
The Bible is also very clear on what should and should not be eaten. In Biblical times laws or rules were created to let people know what foods were healthy and what foods were unhealthy. It should be remembered that people in those times were unaware of why disorders occurred. They did not have ways to detect microbes and organisms, such as we do today, through the use of microscopes.
We should eat the foods God created for you. Don’t let any food or drink become your God.

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