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Bikini Calculator

Bikini Calculator


With summer in full swing and beach season rapidly approaching, we're all facing that all too common anxiety of prepping our bodies and wardrobes for all the swimming and sunbathing we plan to do. In those few weeks leading up to summer, the media goes frantic - telling you to hit the gym, go on miracle diets, pick the perfect self-tanner, and don't even get me started on all that ideal weight talk.

Among all the pre-beach-season angst, you're bound to dust off last year's bikinis. If your figure didn't change much, and you still like how you look in them, you're lucky - you don't have to go through the hassle of picking a new one. If, however, you're in dire need of a new swimsuit Omni Calculator is here to help you. With our foolproof bikini calculator, you'll quickly find out which bikini type will suit you the most, based on your body shape. As well as that, we'll also answer the mind-boggling question: "how to pick the best swimsuit"?

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