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Budget Home Decor - Stretching Your Dollars

Even in the best of times, the home decorating budget has to come at the bottom of a long list of bills, needs, wants, and responsibilities that tug at you each month. That's why it is so important to stretch your dollars as far as you can when trying to decorate your home. The following tips should help you to make your home look fabulous, without breaking the bank.

First of all, used items are your best friends. Just because someone is done with an object doesn't mean that it doesn't still look good, or even new. Many times people throw away, sell, or donate objects that they have grown tired of, but which still look new and beautiful.

You should try and visit yard sales as often as possible. If you travel through residential neighborhoods on most weekends in the late spring, summer, and early fall, you should be able to find at least a few places where you can pick up inexpensive home decor. A good tip is to go early on Saturday morning for better selection, or to go late in the day Sunday afternoon for a better price, and more haggling power. At the end of a yard sale many people are willing to practically give stuff away just so they don't have to haul it back inside.

Multi family yard sales are especially advantageous, because you will have a wider selection, and you can compare prices on similar items. You also have a little more clout when haggling because you can always walk away and visit the next booth.

If its not yard sale time, you can always visit consignment shops and salvation army stores. Thrift stores are also another good venue for picking up inexpensive decorative items.

The thing about most home decor is that its visual, it doesn't actually get used, so it doesn't degrade as quickly as other items might. Mirrors, art, clocks, as long as some care is taken, these can all last for generations, depending on the quality of the work. So visiting second hand locations looking for home decor is even easier than searching out clothing, or other functional items.

If you prefer buying new, then the internet should be your constant companion. An iPhone or other internet enabled device can help when going from store to store. You can just hop online and check the major e-tailers for price comparisons. If you don't have a fancy device in your pocket then a pad of paper and a pen is almost as effective. Write down the name and price of anything that catches your eye. Then go online and see if you can find a coupon, or can find it on sale.

Creating an enticing and attractive atmosphere in the home shouldn't have to break the bank. There are a wide variety of options for searching out quality, low priced goods that can add unique style and flair to the space. You just have to be willing to keep your eyes open, and actively seek out the deals.


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