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Decorating a Home: Where to Start

Depending on your past experiences, it may be exciting to start decorating a new home or it may be a complete and totally stressful experience. Home accessories and decor are easy to come by, but that doesn't mean the right home accessories are easily found by those looking for them. In fact, finding home decor in general can be difficult if you're not quite sure where to start. Here are a few tips and tricks on where to start when decorating your own home.

Where Not To Start

The easiest way to determine where you should start decorating is to determine where you should not start decorating. In other words, don't start with paint first. This is a huge mistake, especially if you're struggling to find the right home accessories and decor to suit the space to begin with. By choosing a paint color, you'll subconsciously force yourself to find decor items that match your paint color. This can create an unnecessary amount of additional stress that no one needs.


Choosing your various furniture for the room is the absolute best place to start when decorating a room. Once you know what wood tones and upholstery will be in the space, you'll start to envision different home accessories to match: rugs, throw pillows, wall art and even coffee table decor. Also, don't be afraid to take swatches of your upholstery with you once you go out to shop for home accessories.

If you're working with existing furniture, then you may be stumped yet again. In these instances, it may be best to go out and search for a piece that inspires you. Having an inspirational piece, whether it be something as simple as a set of charger plates, or something more complex like a modern piece of wall art, can help you get the ball rolling with choosing home accessories to go with your chosen furniture.

Have a Plan

Another great option is to start by having a plan. This could mean designing a layout for your furniture or perhaps creating a inspiration board to help you find the right home decor pieces to match your style.

If you're unsure of what your style is to begin with, then devising a plan could help change that. During this process, you should use the internet to your full advantage and find photographs of rooms you are drawn to, or home accessories you love at online retailers. Print these things out and bring them with you. They may help inspire you, which can be a huge help when trying to decorate a home.

Work With What You've Got

Last but not least, whether you're trying to update your home with a few basic changes, remodel the entire space or you've simply moved into a new home, it may be ideal to work with what you've already got. This is especially true if you're working on a limited budget. Don't be afraid to reuse or repurposed items in your home, you can easily reupholster, re-stain or repaint furniture to give it a fresh new look. This is great on your budget and may even be just the right shove you need to get started on decorating your home.

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