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Decorating Overload - 8 Easy Tips For a Successful Home Decor

With all the wonderful home decorating shows and books out there, sometimes we forget the simple approaches to having an inviting home. Keep these tips in mind when decorating your own home during this up-coming new year.

1. When purchasing new furniture, shy away from buying the entire matching display in the showroom. A room can be more inviting when you have different pieces of furniture that compliment each other, yet stand out on their own.

2. It's not necessary to perfectly match the same color within a room such as the carpet color, wall color, curtains, and accessories. Make it interesting with variations of a particular color and add a splash of another color to compliment.

3. Reconsider buying all of your home accessories from the same store. You can find wonderful and unique accessories at antique shops, thrift shops, craft fairs, and even in your own home. You would be surprised of all the things you probably had stored away some time ago in your basement or attic. Chances are, your items may be in style again, so go ahead, display and let them shine once more.

4. If you dare to paint a room with color, think twice before choosing the darkest shade of that particular color. It can leave a shocking result and cause you to feel overwhelmed, so I would not recommend it for first time users. However, color is very important, so choose a softer version you can live with or medium tones for impact. The darkest shade is more useful as an accent color when painted on one wall or two.

5. Do not buy furniture solely on good looks. It needs to be practical for your room size, have manageable fabric, and most importantly, it must be comfortable.

6. Please stay away from fads that will disappear as fast as they came. An accessory here or there is fine, but purchasing major pieces of furniture will only make you feel regretful.

7. When decorating for the holidays, avoid commercializing your home with the latest animated figure or blow up display. Your home should look just as nice during the day as it does all lit up at night. A beautiful wreath on the door welcoming you, along with additional greenery with bows and a spot light focused on the front of the home, always reminded me of an old fashioned Christmas.

8. Lastly, most furniture that needs assembling never lasts more than five years. I recognize many variations on the curb on garbage day. Their prices may be irresistible, but their durability a hardship. Invest in well made furniture, whether brand new or used from an antique shop or flea market. No matter what your budget, you can always find good quality furniture.

Decorating should be an exciting and fun time. It should also reflect who you are, so make it inviting and let your personality shine through. A beautifully decorated room is one of those things that can be accomplished no matter what your budget, $100.00 or $10,000.00. Just remember, create and make it your own.

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