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Divine Healing - True Testimonies of God at Work

There is a heresy that miracles and divine healing came to an end in the first century. It is as Paul prophesied: “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1). Satan has bewitched entire denominations to believe healing is not part of the gospel for today. Teachings of these denominations so contrast with reality as to almost cause one to question the sanity of their advocates were it not scripture describes deception by Satan as a certainty. Satan was able to lead a third of angels in the presence of God to rebel, so how rather simple it is to seduce man to believe falsehoods about divine healing.

Jesus never suggested the sick should be resigned to illness. Doctrines have strayed from the fullness of the gospel, neglecting to appreciate that “the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8). Even casual reading of the gospels should dispel false information about the charge to heal Jesus gave those He was leaving behind as well as deliverance from the demonic by the power of the Spirit: “Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel… and these signs shall follow them that believe: In My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:15-18).

Prayerfully these lessons will dispel doubt as to God continuing to manifest gifts of healing as described by the apostle in 1 Corinthians 12. I exhort you to be Bereans and search the scriptures for yourself instead of reading commentaries written by those holding views that are unbiblical. As the apostle wrote to Galatians, “If any man preach any other gospel to you than that you have received, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:9). The Greek word anathema translated accursed literally means to excommunicate. Paul is saying the gospel he preached is a gospel of the kingdom and includes spiritual gifts of healing and miracles, and should continue to be delivered in fullness. Those not teaching the same should truly be banned from the church, an act which might clear the air on this subject.

Jews of Jesus’ day understood sickness as bearing witness to sin (Deuteronomy 28) as a general rule. After healing an invalid at the pool of Bethesda, Jesus found him later in the temple and told him to stop sinning “lest a worse thing come to you” (John 5:14). There was an exception however in the case of a man blind from birth. In that instance, Jesus noted, “Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him” (John 9:3). Taken in context, His words affirm that there is indeed a correlation between sin and sickness. But it can never be stated dogmatically that every sickness or affliction is caused by failure to obey God’s revealed will. We live in a fallen world where all fall short of the glory of God and will eventually die from some cause as a result of the Fall in the garden of Eden.

As the Church has become less committed to the truth of scripture, faith in divine healing has been on the decline as to nearly disappear from the experience of most who make up the body of Christ. Such is not the experience, however, where the  church is forced to go underground because of persecution. In such countries, manifestations of the Spirit are continuing abundantly in some situations. Such is the experience of this author over the past twenty-five years as has been described in several books on this website (see Hooked on Hope and The Elementary Teachings of Christ).

As a dwelling place of Holy Spirit, our bodies do not bring praise to the glory of the Father when afflicted with sin or sickness. But if we look for healing only through natural means, attention is directed solely toward the body and symptoms of disease. When looking for divine healing, attention is directed toward the underlying roots of sin and yielding with a contrite and repentant heart to a loving Father. Should symptoms become more severe, we have the assurance “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose” which is transformation into the image of His Son Jesus (Romans 8:28,29).

Sickness is a defeated Jesus dies on the cross to redeem us not only from sin but also from sickness! He has given every believer the power to take authority over the devil, who is the one responsible for sickness. This means you have the power of authority over sickness and disease in your life!

God's Word is clear regarding the issue of healing: it is God's will that you walk in health. This article shows you how people have receive healing from God. It is up to you to find out what God promises you in His Word so you can take hold of His healing power by faith.

Don't let sickness rule your life anymore. Today is the day for your divine healing!

Ankle Pain Healed!

On the 14th of May 2014 we came for the prayer meeting and gave a testimony for what God has done in our lives.

My husband had a struggle at his work place and as we held on to the promises we had received ultimately he was blessed with an overseas posting and a much better position. 

When we came to St. Peter's to witness this miracle, our second miracle unfolded. 

Our eldest son, a 7 year old was struggling with severe ankle pain for the last one month. He couldn’t place his foot properly on the ground nor could he run. When he tried to run he would fall. At first we thought that he was fooling around. Later we understood that he was really in pain. We took him to the doctor who gave us an ointment to be applied and asked him to wear ankle guard. But nothing seemed to be work. Ultimately we considered taking him to be x-rayed but before taking an x- ray we got an opportunity to come for the meeting on 14th May. 

On that day before we left home, while we were getting ready our son asked us where are we going, then we said, we are going for the Wednesday Prayer meeting. Then he said 'I can’t stand. We told him that he was going to be ok today, because Jesus was going to heal Him. 

Then there was a Word of knowledge saying “There’s a person here with an acute ankle problem the Lord is touching this person and that person feels that Jesus doesn’t love him and God is saying, through this you will know I love you my child”. 

When we heard we claimed it for us and immediately our son said that it was for him. Then we said yes it’s for you darling, Jesus has healed you, Thank and praise God. After the meeting was over we asked him how he felt, he said “I am feeling better” so we said you are going to be perfectly alright because Jesus has already touched you.

On the next day 15th May early in the morning as he was getting up before he could open his eyes he was saying “I am ok, I am ok, there's no pain in my ankle”. That day he was jumping, running and playing football without any pain. Our Lord has healed our son and made our faith more stronger. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD. HIS LOVE IS EVERLASTING.

Healed of a Malignant Cyst

I am Sylvia. Since 2003 I am in this journey and have been coming for the St. Peter’s prayer meeting.

This miracle happened in the year 2006. I suddenly felt discomfort in my lower abdomen and immediately consulted a gynecologist. Seeing a doctor so soon was something unusual for me, as I am a person who generally wants to wait and see for sometime and if it worsens only, decide to see a doctor. Anyhow within the next two hours, I was able to consult and she was shocked as it was quite a big cyst arising from the outer uterine wall. After getting a scan done it was confirmed that it was a 8cm x 10cm cyst, and a immediate surgery was needed, as it could rapture if delayed any more. Even at this moment it was not giving me much trouble and the doctor was surprised how I waited without any pain, till it grew so big.

The doctor decided and got another test done to check whether it was malignant according to the report. A successful surgery was done and the doctor informed me that there had been another very small cyst, which also was removed.

10 days after the surgery when I got my biopsy report, it showed that the small cyst, which didn’t even appear when the scan was taken, was malignant. As the doctor didn’t want to take a risk this time, he decided to do a total hysterectomy, which I reluctantly had to agree. This biopsy report was very clear and normal and my doctor confirmed that I had nothing to worry anymore as he had removed all my glands up to my chest and if it had spread first it will affect the glands, which too were bening according to the report.

I believe that my Lord created in me the big cyst which was harmless, to show the small one, which was malignant. If not for that even the doctor wouldn’t have known, what has just started growing in me. My doctor, being the head of the Cancer Hospital said that I was very lucky to have diagnosed at the very beginning itself, of this, whereas I believe it was not my luck, it was the LOVE and MERCY of the Lord and it was not God’s time to take me back to Him.

During this period I really experience the presence of the Lord in me, which I remember some of my family members saw how I took it up so lightly, cause I had the feeling if that was my time God wants to take me let Him take and I was strengthened by the Lord.

It is 5 years since this and I thank and praise the almighty God for this wonderful miracle done in my life.

Praise the Lord!

Our Faith Testimony

Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with bone displacement syndrome at the age of 2. From that time we have been taking her to one doctor or another to relieve her of her discomfort and try to get her bones to grow. She is of short stature and was often in pain in her joints. But this did not stop her from always being a happy child. She was the reason my family began to journey more deeply with the Lord.

After a stint of 10 years in Dubai we returned to Sri Lanka in 2007 and spent 4 years there. But the Lord had other plans for us and once again by the end of 2011 brought us back to Dubai, where we now serve in the Sri Lankan prayer group and also heavily involved with Catechism.

Due to unbearable pain and disfigurement in our daughter’s joints, on 1st Sept 2012 we once again consulted a professor who specializes in orthopedic surgery, who said Ruvi needs a series of surgeries in order to just keep her out of a wheel chair. The estimated cost for the procedure was way beyond we could imagine to find. That’s when we once again turned whole heartedly, to our God of the impossible to heal our daughter. I used the Facebook for the first time to request for prayers for her. My family together with so many others around the world began to storm heaven for Ruvi’s healing.

A couple of nights later, I had a dream (I am one of those persons who never dream. Thus the reason for me to believe in this one). I dreamt Ruvi was sleeping beside me and suddenly I felt a change in her. She gets out of bed and I see her with straight, long legs and arms. I shout out praises and I saw myself bearing witness to this miracle at the Mabole prayer meeting conducted by Lalith thaththa.

I shared this dream with my daughter. From 1st September, every night at 9.00 p.m. the 5 of us in my family, together with so many others prayed and gave thanks to God for Ruvi and her miracle healing. We even used the Skype to pray together with my family in Sri Lanka.

During the month of September, there were 2 words of knowledge spoken – 1 at the St Peters prayer meeting and the other at the church of our lady of Vailankanni, where my mother in law attends. We claimed both and kept on praying upon these words. There was another word of knowledge confirming the healing of a child with crooked limbs during the 17th Oct prayer meeting at St Peters.

When the year of Faith began on 11th October 2012, I was sharing the word at our Sri Lankan prayer group in Jebel Ali, Dubai. My daughter tells me when we return home, “mum I know I will be healed on my b’day.” Ruvi’s bday is on 22nd of October.

I asked her how she knows it and she simply replies “I know”.

I clung on to these words and prayed even more fervently.

There were days where my faith kept failing. As a mother I worried what I would tell my daughter if the miracle did not happen on the 22nd. But then I realized my lack of Faith. I pleaded with Jesus to cure my disbelief and to give ME the faith my CHILD has.

My husband and I fasted and prayed and I kept asking God to help us fast to the ways of the world. We did not want logic or reason to cloud our belief in our God.

The 16th of October, was one of the lowest days of my life I remember. I felt desolate and my faith was failing fast. When I returned home from work, I just could not sit still. I felt I was burning from within. I went out for a walk. While walking I spoke with my Lord. I prayed, cried and argued with him. I asked him to give me a sign of my daughter’s healing. At the same time I acknowledged my sinful state but also claimed on the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. I kept saying…. “I am your daughter, you know me. I know you hear me”. Less than half an hour later, I was seated and trying to study when one of my friends in Sri Lanka, who was at the Mabole prayer meeting at that time (a friend who has never been to the Mabole prayer meeting before) sends me an audio clip of Lalith thatha’s preaching. Although I acknowledged it I continued to study. My friend did not stop there, he kept on sending me bits of audio clips. Finally I gave up and said “ok please don’t send me these. I will log on to the site and watch the live broadcast, myself”

I must tell you, I have NEVER watched a live prayer service at Mabole before this. I always download and listen to them later. So this was a first time for me. The moment I started listening, I was dumbstruck. EVERY single word that left Lalith Thaththa’s mouth was meant for me. Every word hit me like arrows. Lalith thaththa spoke of Psalm 148 where we are asked to simply praise and worship God and only look upon his face and NOT our problem, circumstance or life!! Then he moved on to explain what happens when we simply praise… God speaks a word and that word comes true. He creates something out of NOTHING.

Then came the words from Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God.” He further spoke of mark 10:27 “ With man this is impossible but with God everything is possible"! I have heard all these scripture verses before. Nothing was new BUT this time they MEANT something so new to me! God was speaking to me directly! Not even half an hour after I cried out to him, here he was, speaking to me!!! He used my friend in Sri Lanka and Lalith thaththa to speak to ME!!!

Then Lalith thaththa gives the example of Esther Gulshan and how she met Jesus and how she was healed. This was exactly my daughter’s situation. I had never heard of Esther Gulshan before, and here is God, explaining to me, how he is going to work my daughters miracle!!! I googled about Esther Gulshan and shared her story with the rest in my family – By this time my whole family was taking part in the prayer meeting with me online.

God made it so clear to me his promise. We immediately bought the airline tickets to come to Sri Lanka and share my testimony as I had seen in my dream the previous month. We realize, God has already begun his work on our daughter’s bones and the dream I saw was the “end result” of it. On the 21st Oct night, my brothers and sisters from our Sri Lankan prayer group gathered at my home and we began praising and worshiping God. I sat up the entire night near the alter and waited upon the Lord for the miracle. On the 22nd morning I was disappointed to see my daughter the same height! My heart broke and I cried. My daughter cried with me. BUT this was only for a few minutes. Jesus gave us the Faith once more. Jesus taught us that His time is not ours and his ways are not ours. That same morning, my husband who had never dreamt of our daughter’s situation before had a vision of her as a tall girl!

God taught me a wonderful lesson. i.e. not to be like the Israelites. The Israelites cursed and blamed Moses when they saw they were trapped in between the Red sea and the soldiers of Pharaoh. But when the Red sea was parted and they reach the other side, they sang songs of praise to God for 7 full days!!

My husband and I thought… we do not want to be like that! We praise and thank God for what he has promised us!! We saw our daughter healed through the eyes of Faith and that was enough for us. We knew the word spoken by God will work once claimed in Faith and never go back unfruitful!

So my daughter and I arrived in Sri Lanka on the 23rd Oct and we testified at Mabole on that day and at St Peters on the 24th.

The miracle has already begun! God has opened our eyes of Faith and he has shown me how much he listens to us by answering my simplest request...

I end this testimony with my 11 year old daughter’s words she spoke during the St Peters meeting.  Her 2 sentences have once again given me so much more to reflect upon during the entire year of Faith. I realize that God has spoken to me, yet again through my daughter. I.e. Not to focus upon the situation but to shift our focus on to following the Jesus… and the Miracle WILL happen anyway.

Her words were “All this time my dream was to be tall; but now my dream is to follow Jesus!”

I praise and thank God for revealing himself to mere children like us!!!!

God bless you,

Successful Surgery & Non Malignant Tumor

I was diagnosed with “Aqustic Neuroma” a slow growing tumor of the Nerve that connects the ear to the Brain on the 12th of October, 2011. It was all reveled after I had done MRI which the doctor requested, since I was unable to hear from my right ear which I had over a period of time, causing no trouble except deafness in my right ear but no Dr, would give me any medication without a MRI report.

On receiving confirmed reports about my sickness and the outcome of the surgery, my family & I were shattered. As the Tumor was large in size (3CM) which was almost resting on my right Brain Stem, it was not possible to be taken off by other methods other than through surgery which was going to take 8 hrs. On the same day of consultation we decided to get myself admitted to hospital on the 15 th & have the surgery done on the 17th Oct., 2011. Since coming home, I found myself shattered, scared & depressed losing hope, not knowing what the future holds for me & my family in terms of my health.

I continued praying to my Lord, my Creator & whom my whole future lies with, to give me the strength, courage & free me from all fears & of Pain. Whilst, O Lord keep holding my hand through my 8 hr surgery to be a success. My testimony will not be complete if I do not mention that till the final second that I remember lying tensed up on the operating bed, I surrendered my surgery to my Lord & asked the lord to work through my surgeon in all ways by not complicating my condition through and after the operation. My surgeon confirmed that many of my facial Nerves were wrapped around the tumor, which had to be gently taken off without causing damage since it could have caused permanent disfigurement to my face. I Praise & thank my Lord that this too was a success.

It was a day later, that I woke up semi conscious to find myself on life support lying in the ICU. I was told by my Husband & Doctors, that my tumor was removed successfully & Praise The Lord the Greatest News was that it had No Traces of being malignant., This was also confirmed by the Biopsy reports thereafter. Though, the Operation left me paralyzed completely on my right side which the Doctors confirmed that I will overcome with time & Exercise, which I Praise the Lord has been a success, with NO Psycho therapy. Since my Dr. was happy with my progress after the operation, & my High Pressure I had been diagnosed since the birth of my youngest son, was normal, & my Cholesterol level was under control the life support was taken off in 2 days, and I was transferred to a room on the 3rd day, I was brought home.

On the 08th day of my surgery & given no medication to be taken other than a Paladin if I do have any ache or pain. I had my monthly checks with my Doctor, who requested me to start on my office work from Home in the 2nd month, which I did. The Post MRI was done at the 3rd month & on consulting my Doctor, I was informed that everything was clear & the reports were normal. It was confirmed that I could get back to my normal life, repeating the MRI only annually. I Praise & Thank the Lord for his Wonderful works in healing me & granting me my Normal Life Back with No complications.

It is 7 ½ months now & with the Grace of My Lord, I see myself Recover on a Daily Basis, though, I have a little discomfort at times which is bearable & I know for a Fact that MY LORD IS PROTECTING ME & GIVING ME THE STRENGHT TO FACE EVERY CONDITION WITH CONFIDENCE, WHILES TOUCHING ME & HEALING ME. I further like to mention that since getting back home, I would listen to the “ Four Step Retreat “ CD on a daily basis, receiving an Inner Healing and at times when I felt Depressed & Sad, all I did was Listen to the same “ Prayer CD”, for comfort & relief. I continue listening to it every Morning while Driving to Work & I find that it Inspires me each time I listen to it.

Lord I Praise & thank you for Empowering, Lalith Thatha & the Loyal Servers in the “Community of The Risen Lord”, in recording this CD. I, PRISE & THANK YOU LORD JESUS, MOTHER MARY & MY GURDIAN ANGEL.FOR THIS WONDERFUL HEALING, WITH NO PAIN & SUFFERING.

Healed from eczema

Dear Bothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today on Ash Wednesday, I want share this amazing and beautiful experience I had last night. I’m Briana, my husband is Tony we are gifted with two young children, and we live in Malaysia.

Whilst listening to the Mabole prayer meeting through the internet last night, which is, not a regular habit of mine (sometimes due my busyness or due to the poor Internet connection) after the worship I heard a word of knowledge spoken about a healing of a rash in the palms. Further, the word described that this person’s thin skin on the palms causes the wounds and this person is allergic to detergent and soap and finds it difficult to continue working with this person’s daily work. I have had the same problem on my palms for 2 and a half years and it has caused a great deal of stress in me. Especially to cope with the house work, children’s and husband’s work with this rash. During the early stages of my rash, we got an opportunity to attend a 4 step retreat in Singapore. We went for the servers meeting which was held the day before the retreat began and a word of knowledge was spoken of a healing of a skin rash and that requested to raise hands whoever claimed it. Although I claimed it, I was hesitated to raise my hand.

Since then I have had this rash on and off up to date. Doctors could not find a permanent cure and they told me it was eczema. Medicines were available only for prevention not for permanent cure and they advised me to use gloves when I am working and to keep my hands dry as much as possible. The skin was scaly and itchy, sometimes due to the dryness the skin splits and bleeds from these rash points and I used to quietly bear up the pain as there wasn’t anything else I could do. Last month the rash became worse on my right palm, the skin in between the thumb and the index finger were infected, reddish and swollen. The sight of it was so scary and I was frightened to show it the doctor fearing what he would say.

Although I kept on praying, the healing seemed to be very far away. This was my desert experience. I had a problem in my faith. Then I told the Lord, “okay Lord grant me the healing when and as you wish”….But deep down I was hurt and very upset. I requested for prayers from my friends and relations. I questioned the Lord “who is going to look after my children and attend to them, my youngest son is only five months old?” Later I got into the habit of trying to prevent myself from looking at the rash and continued to do my work as if the rash never existed. And in prayer I thanked the Lord for what he has done in my life. I kept on thanking and Praising the Lord looking at the wound. While praying I get this thought very often “what about people who are undergoing situations much worse than mine and what about people who don’t have anyone to turn to?” I started surrendering them to the Lord and I still continue to do it.

Since last week, I felt that my rashes are healing. When I heard the word of healing unexpectedly last night, I thought, “Oh the Lord has touched me!”. More than happiness there is some sort of a satisfactory feeling in me, which I do not know how to express.

Everyday there are miracles happening in our lives. Thoughts drop down into our minds as “what to do” when we are down or in trouble not only physically but also spiritually. Sometimes nothing correlates when you look from outside. When we see the outcome only we realize that the Holy Spirit guides us in every situation. Even while I’m writing this I asked for guidance as I did not know how to put my personal experience into words.

Healing from Dengue

This is my 12 year old son Santhush who studies in this same school in grade 7. Santhush is an ardent cricketer. He had been getting ready to play for his debut U-13 “A” team matches representing his school in November. Since he has a great passion for cricket he had been practicing very hard for the last so many months playing practice matches, even missing school. 

On the first week of October Santhush signed the agreements with the Rector along with his teammates to play for the tournament. Just few days after, one morning he woke up with a severe headache and told me he doesn’t feel alright. He was running a temperature too. I took him to doctor and medicine was prescribed and doctor told me after 3 days I need to get a blood test done. On 16th morning I got a blood test done and it indicated his platelet count was down and PCV count was high. Doctor advised me that I should come with yet another blood report in the evening as she was suspecting him having Dengue. The evening report too showed his platelets have gone down yet again, and PCV count was on the rise.

I had to admit him that night itself. My other worry was that his Peadiatrician was leaving the country that very night for a week. This was the peadiatrician who has treated Santhush from his birth. Even though she put him under another doctor I was very worried. My husband too was away during this time. In hospital his platelets were dropping in an alarming way. And the PCV count was on the rise. I kept praying to the Lord to spare my son for me. I had great faith that he will bounce back. When ever my faith was shaky I kept telling Holy Spirit to give me the strength to hold on to my faith. I prayed to Mother Mary to pray to Jesus on behalf of me. My family members, cousins, friends and many whom I didn’t even know from all parts was praying for him as the message was spread. CRL too was informed. While his platelets were still dropping whenever someone called to inquire about him ,even from the very day he was admitted, I kept telling them that he was on the “recovering side”. There were people who really panicked when his count dropped up to 36,000 I still kept telling everyone he was on the recovery. Once my sister asked me whether I was really crazy “even when the count keeps dropping you are saying he’s on the recovery”. Since I am on the journey with the Lord I knew very well that nothing was going to happen to Santhush. I was clinging onto the Lord in faith. I didn’t have any fear I was totally calm.

On the 5th day at 6 am the house doctor who visited to check on him told me that today is the “crucial day” as his temperature will be 0, but this will be the time he might start to leak. Yet I didn’t have any fear . on this morning my cousins wife had been praying at the Rajagiriya church at CRL prayer meeting along with two other sisters. and they were suppose to visit him at the hospital that afternoon. To my utter dismay from morning Santhush was really showing all signs of recovery as the redness that was there in his eyes like a spider web had disappeared. The blood looking lips had turned normal colour. And he said his body was scratching. And at around 11 in the morning for the first time after admitting he told me he was ‘hungry” I had to order him food before his normal meal arrived. I was so happy, I thanked the Lord it’s a wonder on the most crucial day he was really recovered. My cousins wife and this other two ladies arrived and they said there was a WOK at the church “that Lord was healing a person who had a scratchiness on the body” and that they claimed it for him. They prayed on him and told Santhush was already healed even before their arrival and not to worry. ON THE 19TH Wednesday prayer meeting while my cousins wife was praying for him there was a WOK “ a relation who is praying for a sick child in hospital is healed by the Lord!” Praise the Lord! When my cousin informed me that night I was overjoyed. I too claimed it for him and thanked the Lord. Everything was fine afterwards his pediatrician arrived on the 6th day and discharged him that morning even though his platelets were yet

64,000 saying that Santhush has recovered. Right throughout Santhush’s stay in hospital other than high temperature, dropping of platelets and rise of PCV count, he never had any other major complications. Where as severe stomach cramps or pains ( which indicates liver or kidneys are effected ), vomiting and poor intake of liquids is a common symptoms among Dengue patients. His intake and output of liquids was excellent. PRAISE THE LORD! SANTHUSH IS DOING FINE NOW AND WILL BE STARTING HIS NORMAL PRACTICES IN 2 WEEKS TIME.MOST PROBABLY (GOD WILLINGLY) HE WILL PLAY THE 2ND ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT IN DECEMBER. (PRAISE THE LORD!) EVENTHOGH SANTHUSH WAS NOT TAGGED AS A” CRITICAL PATIENT” HE HAD ALL THE REASONS TO LEAVE US, AS THIS WAS HIS 3RD ATTACK OF DENGUE. AND in the year 2009 HE WAS A VICTIM OF CHIKUNGUNYA TOO. HIS TOTAL IMMUNITY WAS DOWN . AND IN A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE DIE WITH THE FIRST ATTACK OF DENGUE , ITS AMAZING HOW MY SON SURVIVED ALL ODDS. AND THIS IS DUE TO NOTHING BUT THE LORD WHO DEALT WITH HIM, IN HIM, along with my FAITH. HOW MY SON SURVIVED ALL ODDS. AND THIS IS DUE TO NOTHING BUT THE LORD WHO DEALT WITH HIM, IN HIM, along with my FAITH. 

Son, to me, you are a living miracle and a sign of love, of God.

Praise the Lord! 

Healing of Spinal Cord Disk Prolepses

I am 25 years old. I was a regular attendee to the wed prayer meeting. As Lalith Thaththa always say at the beginning I was having sort of a culture shock. But later I got used to that way of praise and worship and it became a part of my life.

At the same time I was doing my higher education as an under graduate and was in the 1st year and when the 2nd year exams were closer I found it difficult to attend the prayer meeting but some how found time to come for the prayer meeting.

After I got the 2nd year results I have to do one subject in November. But that attempt was not successful and had to repeat in May/June in 2011. 

Since I had to repeat only one subject I followed the lectures for the 3rd year as well. This brought me to a point where I had to keep a full stop to the prayer service and even Sunday mass. I am a person who used to pray before I got down from the bed and at night. All these good habits left me and I didn’t know what I was doing.

During this time I got an unbearable back ache, when I sit for long hours. This was due to a tissue damage which happened in 2007. On the 1st of April 2011 I went to my family doctor and she said it is because I am seated most of the time. But this advice was not sufficient so I urged her to give me a chance to do an x-ray.

With her advice I did a MRI scan and found that two discs in my spinal code have prolapsed. As a result the doctor asked me to go for physiotherapy and gave me a pain killer.

At this point I could not sit at all because the pain traveled through my right leg and to my spine. The muscle which joins the toes became numb day by day and it was difficult for me. As I am allergic to all pain killers except panadol I was confined to bed. I could not go for physiotherapy as I was the only member in my family living in Sri Lanka. I live in an annex and my parents live abroad. My mother was unable to come down because my brother was doing his O’levels overseas.

My friends had to come and help me out with my needs. My exam was in May and I was stressed. Since I was not getting any better I started ayurvedic treatment. I went to the final treatment and found that my situation is getting worse. So I went to a very famous neuro surgeon because the two discs which are prolapsed are badly compressing the nerves that run through the right leg. I also went to a famous orthopedic surgeon. The neuron surgeon said ’nothing doing you have to under go a surgery which will keep you in bed for 3 months. But the worst was that this surgery had a risk of the right leg being paralyzed. I could no longer tolerate this situation of being in bed for months and I started thinking about it day and night and it made my situation worse.

Everyone was praying for me except myself. I was trying to reason things out saying “how can God heal me?” but one day I remembered the fact that God is our creator and He has planned our future before we were born. Because of this and one of my best friend’s request I went to the Wednesday prayer service again. I felt bad because truly I felt God asking me “since there is no other solution you came back to me?” in a very shameful way my heart answered ‘yes.’ Few after Lalith that started to share the word I was in pain and it got worse so I told my friend “it’s difficult I’ll go home” I couldn’t sit nor could I stand. My friend said not to go and that God will surely do something. By that time the pain was unbearable and the only thing I could do was cry. Then my friend with a help of another friend in the youth took me behind the stage and there was a word of knowledge saying a person who was asked to go for a surgery Lord says it is not required. I only heard the word surgery and all three of claimed it for me. I still had a little doubt that doubt was the seed of the Evil One rooting in me. But my faith grew and was strong enough to destroy it.

Though I was not yet healed I went to the neuro surgeon praising and thanking God. I started to rebuke pain though it was difficult. The Doctor checked me and he said “your situation is ok you don’t have to do the surgery” I praised and thanked God then and there.

Since I could not do the exam I had a rough idea of working but I was thinking how to manage to be seated for hours continuously. I offered it to Jesus saying Lord please take over this problem. None of these things can happen in my human capacity. But you are our living God and I believe you can sort this problem out.

In June there was another word of knowledge that 6 people who are seeking jobs will get it. I claimed it. From the 1st of July I started work and I am able to work without any difficulty. I now think that God Himself made my situation worse to bring me back to him. And show me His love. Lord I hank you and praise you for taking me out from darkness. Though I had forgotten my god He has not forgotten me.

A Taxi Driver Healed from a Heart Problem

It was the week before Christmas. I wanted to attend the Prayer Meeting at Maharagama. I flagged down a three wheeler and inquired how much it would cost me to get to Maharagama. The driver quoted Rs. 1000, which I thought was quite exorbitant. I tried to bargain with the taxi driver, and he came out with a sad story.

The taxi driver told me that he was suffering from a heart problem. The doctors had told him that three arteries in his heart were clogged, and unless he gets a bypass surgery done, he may not live much longer. Since he did not have enough savings for the operation, he was charging higher than usual with the hope of setting some funds aside for his operation. Having witnessed the manner in which our Lord Jesus Christ manifests himself during praise and worship, I told the taxi driver that I would give him Rs. 2000 instead of the Rs. 1000 he asked for; but on condition that he attends the prayer meeting with me. He readily agreed.

During the meeting a word of knowledge was delivered from the altar, about a healing that was taking place at that time. The taxi driver who was having breathing difficulties immediately began to feel relieved amid started to breathe with ease. After the meeting, the taxi driver was exuberant and couldn’t believe what had happened to him. We advised him to visit his doctor and seek confirmation of the healing.

To think that the taxi driver was not even a Christian and didn’t know anything about our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

Healed of Diabetes

I was a diabetic for the past 12 years. Recently, while I was attending the Maharagama prayer meeting, during the final worship segment, there was an announcement from the altar that the Lord was healing a person with diabetes. I didn’t give this a second thought as I had been conditioned to accept my sickness as something I will have to live for the rest of my days. However, my family claimed this word of knowledge on my behalf. How could I believe this? I had lived through this for 12 long years. No, I could not believe it.

The following day I did not feel too good. When I subsequently went to the doctor, he discovered that my blood sugar was very low. The doctor advised me to stop my medication for a week and come back to see him. When I went back the next week, my blood sugar was normal. The doctor asked me to continue refraining from taking medicine and return to see him in another week. My blood sugar continued to be normal the next week as well. The doctor then looked at me and told me “It looks like something like a miracle has happened. You do not have diabetes anymore.”

Nothing is impossible to him. Praise the Lord!

You Can Be Healed of Aids!

I was flipping the television channel to watch my favourite show when my grandmother came rushing into the room. I knew that was the end of my show! Every time she comes home from Arulagam, She always had an interesting story to tell. So, I sheepishly got up from the bed to hear her story. This time she did'nt say much. 'I am invited for the Hospice Inauguration, would you like to join in?', she quipped. I was around 17 years old that time, But I never knew what an hospice was. I had never heard that word. I guessed that it was some hospital. I hated to go to hospitals. Never been there that much and the last time was for my uncle's funeral so, I plainly refused.

Later that night, I was asking her more about the hospice and later I never thought of it again. After a few weeks, My grandma visited the hospice and told me about the kids there and also the other inmates. So, I wanted to visit it for myself.

I thought about the people there, the chapel she told me of and the children with AIDS. She had shown me some of the pictures. As I went to school, I thought of them sometimes.

After around six months, I finished my school and junior college. Before joining the university, I decided to volunteer in the hospice. I wanted to help the people in the hospice. My grandma spoke to her friend so that I could volunteer there for about two months before my university. I was looking forward to my trip to the hospice.

The day I reached the hospice, I felt very depressed. This was so different from my world. I was supposed to help in the children's section. A seven year old boy Sundar, an eight month old baby Priyanka, her brother Sathish around 4+ and another 5 year old boy Sakthi were the ones I was to care for. They did not go to school. They kind of fell sick quite often. I taught them some songs and to pray before they sleep each night. I was not alone. There was another lady who was permanently taking care of the children. She stayed with the children, but she was also managing the hospice.

I used to air dry the clothes in the terrace above the chapel and usually Sathish followed me there. He looked over at the tombstones far away. That was the hospice cemetary..just near the gate. He told me his Mom was there. I felt sad for him. He loves to tell me that they put his mom in a box and put her there..over and over again. I think he was too young to feel a thing. I wished his Mom was alive to see him grow.

I knew Jesus healed many people in the Bible. But I was not sure he would today. I never thought of it at all. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to do something to make them feel better but I never knew that God wanted to help them as well. I was so absorbed with how much I loved them. I never stopped to think of God or what he felt or anything like that. I heard stuff like sickness was part of life..and one of the reasons people fall sick is because they are sinful. I made friends with other people in the hospice as well. Most of them were HIV positive as well as the children I played with.

Most of the inmates told me that they had a sinful past, some were prostitutes formerly. The common thing they all said was, they deserved to have AIDS, because of their lifestyle..or something like that. No one told me that they did not want to die or that they wanted to get well. The fact that their illness was terminal - I think they came to terms with that pretty soon. They worked in the hospice if they could else they rested. There were doctors there to take care of them as well. I could see the sadness in their eyes, but no one talked much. I was pretty busy, playing with the children. They were not too sick except that they had boils sometimes.

Finally two months were over and I came home for university. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I never knew that God loved them. I mean I know God loves everybody. But I never knew that he loved them so much he did something for them to be healed and they did not have to qualify for it. I used to think God heals some people and for others, It is his will that they must be sick. In fact, I thought they were learning something precious from God.

Within a year of my leaving, all the kids in the hospice passed on. I did not expect it so soon. I felt very sad and hopeless. I wanted to do something for them, but I thought terminal diseases were terminal.

But I know something now which can change your life. Jesus loves you and he did not put the disease on you. God does not teach lessons by giving sickness. He hated sickness so much. He did not want you to suffer. So he personally carried all your diseases on his own body on the cross. You need not qualify to be healed. He has paid the price for everyone to be healed with his own blood. It does not matter how immoral you are. You cannot buy God's blessings. It is a gift and it does not depend on your behaviour at all. Jesus loves to heal you, that's why he died.

God loved you so much. He sent his only beloved Son to be punished in your place. He has taken all sicknesses and diseases including AIDS on his own body. Because he has taken it, You need not bear it anymore. It is God's will for you to be healed!

Surely our sicknesses he hath borne, And our pains -- he hath carried them, And we -- we have esteemed him plagued, Smitten of God, and afflicted. And he was pierced for our transgressions, Bruised for our iniquities, The chastisement of our peace was on him, And by his bruise there is healing to us!

Thank God for your healing right now. Daddy God, Thank you that you loved me, before I loved you. Thank you that you loved me so much that you sent your only Son to be my sacrifice. Jesus, Thank you, you loved me so much, you came all the way from heaven, just to die for me. Thank you that you were punished for all my past, present and future sins. I am forgiven, because of your blood. Thank you that I am righteous, because you were judged. Thank you Lord that you carried all my diseases, including AIDS on your own body on the cross, because you loved me and by your stripes, I declare that I am healed. I receive my healing right now. I am your child. Thank you Daddy God.

Healed of Eczema

“Why isn’t he getting any better? I can’t take much more of this!” Renee Peterson exclaimed in frustration as she loosely wrapped her ten-month-old son, Jason, in Saran Wrap. It was all she knew to do to give his irritated skin some relief while he slept. Covering Jason’s body with a soothing gel, then wrapping it with Saran Wrap, had become a nightly ritual over the past few months in an attempt to calm the torment of Jason’s itching.

Before Renee and her husband, Damon, resorted to this very unorthodox practice, it was impossible for Jason to get through the night without cries of discomfort. Even with his fingernails trimmed, he still found a way to scratch so badly that some mornings, he would wake with blood-covered sheets. The treatment offered temporary relief, but when morning came, Jason’s skin would once again erupt in pain.

The Peterson’s nightmare began when Jason was three months old. He developed what appeared to be typical baby acne. But after a while, the “acne” had gotten worse, not better, and showed no signs of disappearing. They consulted a doctor who diagnosed Jason’s condition as impetigo. He assured them that with a special prescription, it should clear up within a week. The week came and went, and Jason’s skin only worsened.

Damon and Renee had wrestled with taking Jason to a doctor. They didn’t have insurance or the money to cover the medical expenses. But even more importantly to them, they wanted to trust God for Jason’s healing.

Grounded in the Word

The Petersons are no strangers to the faith walk. Both were born again and Spirit filled as children, and they grew up in strong, faith-based homes and churches. Damon, introduced to Andrew’s teachings in 1989, started volunteering on AWM’s Helpline in 2003, one month before Jason was born. He began working full time on the Helpline just after Jason’s birth.

As a Helpline worker, Damon ministered to people every day over the phone, helping hundreds receive salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and healing. Now, he struggled to see his own son healed.

“We were standing in faith and believing that Jason was healed,” Damon recalls. “We know that God is a good God and this wasn’t His fault. We believe that God provided Jason’s healing when Jesus died on the cross.”

Because of the Peterson’s belief in God’s Word, they knew healing was theirs. But they couldn’t bear to see their tiny infant in so much pain. “We really wanted a supernatural healing,” says Damon, “but at the same time we didn’t want Jason to suffer while we waited for the manifestation.”

“Damon and I prayed over Jason every night at bedtime, but the condition just wasn’t clearing up,” Renee remembers. In fact, it wasn’t long before the irritation on Jason’s face had spread, infiltrating his body with tiny red bumps. At only six months old, Jason did all he could to get relief from the itching that agonized his little body, even to the point of scratching himself on the carpet until he bled.

Desperate Measures

Damon and Renee had taken Jason to both a family doctor and a dermatologist. One doctor diagnosed Jason’s condition as eczema, which he said produced the infection on his skin. He informed the Petersons that the eczema would never completely go away. The other doctor said that Jason just had extremely sensitive skin, so they would have to be extra careful with him, like avoiding giving him bubble baths. He also told the Petersons to make sure their house was chemical free and to always wash Jason’s clothes with chemical-free detergent. The doctors had other suggestions as well—everything from covering him in shortening to keep his skin moist, to wrapping him in wet clothes!

Desperate, Damon and Renee tried everything the doctors and anyone else suggested, including the use of prescription ointments and antibiotics. For months they did all they knew to do and prayed every way they knew to pray. Jason’s condition did not improve.

Damon and Renee immersed themselves in the Word and in Andrew’s teachings, trying to gain any possible insight into why Jason’s healing had not yet manifested. “We knew we were the ones who had the problem,” says Damon. “It wasn’t God, and it wasn’t Jason. There was something we were missing that kept us from receiving from God.” Frustrated, Damon went to Andrew for help. “We’ve got to be doing something wrong,” Damon insisted.

Fighting the Good Fight

Jason Peterson Playing Andrew shared with Damon the principles from his teaching “Our Sabbath Rest.” He told Damon, “Don’t worry about whether or not you’re doing anything wrong. Just trust, and rest in what God has already provided.”

Damon went away from his meeting with Andrew encouraged, knowing that his job was to stay the course and stay out of doubt. The spiritual battle was raging, and for Renee, the fight was especially intense. While Damon worked, Renee stayed home with her children, forcing her to confront Jason’s condition every moment of every day. Not only was she continuously face to face with the circumstance, but she was also under attack from the reactions of other people.

“People constantly asked, ‘What’s wrong with his face?’” recalls Renee. “Some people would give advice and others would just stare. It took an emotional toll on the entire family. Even our other son, Jared, noticed when people made comments and looked at Jason differently.”

Damon and Renee realized the only way they would achieve victory was by staying focused on God’s promises of healing. They could not afford to be moved by what they saw or by what they heard from others. God’s voice was the only voice that mattered.

They continued to confess God’s Word over their child and trust that the manifestation of Jason’s healing was on its way. Without knowing what else to do, they dug in their heels of faith and remained determined. “We realized that it’s just a matter of persevering through the process,” says Renee. “We had to keep our eyes on the goal and do whatever it took to get Jason’s healing. It was difficult; we had to remind ourselves that the healing really was there, and we would see it.”

One Word from God

Jason Peterson Smiling 2For thirteen long months the Petersons helplessly watched Jason suffer. Then one day, God handed Damon the key to unlock his son’s healing. “I was watching the kids ride their bikes in our driveway,” recalls Damon. “I was completely at the end of myself; I simply did not know what was taking so long with the manifestation of Jason’s healing. I began praying in tongues; I didn’t know what else to do. Suddenly, I felt impressed in my spirit to pray for Jason’s heart. I didn’t understand why, but I knew it was the Lord speaking to me, so I obeyed. I spoke to his heart and commanded it to be the way God designed it to be. I didn’t think any more about it; I just did what God told me to do.”

That simple revelation and act of obedience set Jason on the path to healing. At first, Damon didn’t understand why to pray for Jason’s heart, but it wasn’t long before it began making sense. He had always noticed Jason’s hands and feet were very cold and bluish in color—even as a newborn. He also noticed that Jason had very little energy compared to most infants his age. But the very next day, after Damon spoke healing to Jason’s heart, his hands and feet warmed up and returned to their normal coloring.

“I came home from work the day after I prayed for Jason and grabbed his bare feet to tickle him,” says Damon. “It was very cold outside that day, yet his feet were really warm. I asked Renee if she had just taken his socks off, but she said he had been barefoot all day. Then I felt his hands and they were just as warm.” They knew God was at work.

During the following week, Damon and Renee watched in amazement as, little by little, Jason’s skin cleared and became completely normal. They still don’t know the exact connection between what was wrong with Jason’s heart and his skin irritation, but they’re all right in not knowing. They’re just thrilled to have their baby back—the way God created him to be. Their once lethargic son, who spent most of his young life in misery, is now happy, smiling, and full of energy.

The Peterson’s perseverance to remain aggressive in their faith finally paid off. Their miracle proved that God was not withholding Jason’s healing or waiting on them to “do” certain things before He would respond. They just needed to get to a place of total rest in God, where they could hear clearly. All it took was one word from God and one act of obedience. Your miracle may also be just one word away!

Healed from Deafness, Fibromyalgia and Other Diseases

Hi, My name is Lars and I would like to tell you how God miraculously healed my friend Rebecca from a whole list of diseases, including deafness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, and rhinitis.

Rebecca went to school with Claudia and Billy, who had been Christians for a long time in our Assembly. Shortly after getting to know them Rebecca’s parents told her to not get involved with them, because they thought that they were part of a cult, which didn’t stop Rebecca though and a good friendship developed between them. Over the years they lost touch though, as Rebecca had moved to Dunfermline by the time she was 19, in order to study.

At that time she was deaf in her right ear: She suffered from congenital sensory neural hearing loss. The doctors had discovered it when she was 4 years old, and by the time she was in her teens she had to start wearing a hearing aid. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when she was 14, although she had suffered from it as well as many other health conditions for some time before. Some of these include: chronic fatigue syndrome, TMJD (jaw joint pain), epicondylitis (tennis elbow), patellofemoral syndrome (housemaid’s knee), irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, and rhinitis.

At 19 she was already so sick that it became impossible for her to live a normal life

Until Rebecca was 19 she had managed to live with her health the way it was. It was always a struggle but somehow she still managed to go to school, go to work, and have a social life. But then, not long after moving to Dunfermline she became really sick. The pain became so severe, and the tiredness so overwhelming that she could hardly get out of bed. Soon it became impossible for her to live a normal life. The pain and tiredness became so debilitating that her studies suffered and she struggled to cope with her part time job. On top of this she had developed glossopharyngeal neuralgia, which is when an artery and a nerve lean on one another at the back of the brain; this caused such excruciating pain, it was as if being stabbed directly through the left ear into the head. There were occasional good days when she could go out for a small walk, however most of the time she was bed-ridden.

If you have suffered with any of these health conditions or similar ones you will understand the extreme pain and discomfort she was in. In order to cope with the pain she went to hospital for steroid injections and was also taking many different types of strong painkillers and sedatives including tramadol (morphine based) and diazepam. Additionally, she was also taking strong anti-inflammatory drugs such as arthrotec, which gave her stomach ulcers. With regards to the glossopharyngeal neuralgia, the doctors wanted to operate: opening up her skull and putting a tiny piece of cushion in between the artery and nerve in her brain. This was to try and eliminate the pain altogether and there was an 80% chance that the operation would be a success.

By this stage she had lost all her ambitions, felt trapped and being cut off from the world: She did not have a social life anymore, had to give up her studies and her part time job, too. The doctors said she would never get better and she went and saw a psychologist because of the depression and desperation she was in. Her daily thoughts consisted of “How can this be?” “What did I do to deserve this?” and “Is there any point anymore?”

When she was at her lowest she was plagued with permanent thoughts of suicide. She had to move back in at her parents’ place, as she could no longer live by herself anymore. That’s when she started crying out to God and wanted to get in touch with her friend Claudia again. A couple of weeks after being back at her parents place she bumped into Claudia, who then eventually invited her for to come along to a church meeting. This was where I met Rebecca for the first time. Rebecca told us how much at home she felt with us and due to her sickness it was another few weeks before she could come again. During this meeting we talked about the power of God and that God wants people to be healthy and expects his followers to pray for the sick. We read many scriptures like MARK 16:15-20, ISAIAH 53:5, MATTHEW 4:23, and HEBREWS 13:8 and explained them.

Many people received prayer in that meeting and Rebecca asked for prayer for her glossopharyngeal neuralgia she suffered from. We laid hands on her and prayed in Jesus’ name (MARK 16:18). She was initially still in pain, as if somebody stabbed through her ear, but the moment she stepped outside as she left the meeting the pain completely went; for the first time in 3.5 years and to this day the pain has never come back. She realised that God is real and came back the following week, despite her parents threatening her to chuck her out if she went again. We happened to have a prayer night that Friday and led Rebecca through the Scriptures about how to be saved. We looked at Scriptures concerning baptism by immersion and Rebecca then asked to be baptized, which we did straight away in the upstairs bathtub . Afterwards we looked at some Scriptures about receiving the Holy Spirit (ACTS 2:4, LUKE 11:13), and we then laid hands on her and asked God to fill her with the Holy Spirit. As a result she then started to speak in new tongues and was born again.

We then laid hands on her again and asked God to heal her completely, from the whole list of health problems she suffered with, including the deafness in her right ear and God healed her immediately, from everything! Straight after I talked into her right ear she almost jumped up because it was so loud. The whole right side of her world had become alive with sound! She was no longer deaf and got rid of her hearing aid. The fibromyalgia had gone as well and all the pain she had suffered for years had just disappeared. She said she just felt like running, as she was so full of energy. To top it all off that night, for the first time in a long time she managed to sleep.

Breast Cancer – Healed

Some people profess to believe in God, but they don’t know Him, His nature, His love or His power. This was true of Connie Weiskopf for a long time. Connie grew up in a large family with whom she attended a denominational church. It was through her church experience that the blindness of religion covered her eyes. It was there that God, the Father, was misrepresented as a wrathful, angry God, ready to strike her with sickness or to punish her because of her sin.

One particular event during Connie’s formative adolescent years caused her to look at life through a filter; at the age of sixteen she was raped. Because of her religious foundation, and misperception of who God is, Connie was unable to turn to Him for comfort. Rather she hid from God; struggling with the shame and guilt she carried by herself. Connie came to blame God for the bad things that happened in her life.

After college Connie established herself as a graphic designer and renowned watercolor artist. As life progressed, she became involved in an abusive relationship, one in which she was raped again. This time, Connie found herself with an unwanted pregnancy. Connie had her first abortion, and her shame and guilt deepened.

Still unable to turn to God, Connie looked to the world for love, and in her wounded state she became involved with David—another unhealthy relationship. Connie had a second abortion. “David and I aborted our first child together and my heart truly died. I no longer felt. I only existed. No one ever told me I had choices, only that abortion would solve my ‘problem’,” said Connie.

Sometime later, a friend invited Connie to church, and for the first time she felt the love of God. At last, Connie had found a comfortable place in God’s presence. She was also pregnant again. Worried that if anyone knew she was pregnant she wouldn’t be welcome to continue to meet with the God she had just met, she terminated her third child. Continuing to attend her new church, Connie gave her life to Christ and fell passionately in love with Him. “He became everything I had been searching for. He became my best friend and my husband,” Connie said.

As Connie’s passions and focus shifted to Jesus, she and David separated. She attended a local Bible college hosted at her church, and as she sought to know Him, Connie learned to recognize His voice. Two years after their separation, the Lord led her back to David and the two were married.

After several relocations, including one back to her home State of Colorado, and a career change in which the Lord led her away from the arts to a position with Life Choices Pregnancy Center, Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to her diagnosis, the Lord had been teaching Connie about His healing power, so she sought healing through His Word and prayer from like-minded people in her church.

A friend had given her one of Andrew’s tapes several years earlier and she knew that when Andrew prayed, people received healing. Connie contacted AWM and asked if Andrew would come pray for her. The ministry replied that he was unable to accommodate her request, but instead invited her to where Andrew would be ministering at a local church in Colorado Springs.

Connie went to the meeting and was able to meet with Andrew before the service. After asking if she was ready to receive her healing, Andrew prayed a simple prayer. She remembers Andrew’s message about the balance of grace and faith being exactly what she needed to hear to receive her healing.

Although she had been prayed for, Connie underwent surgery a short time later. Following the procedure, during which a surgeon removed a portion of her left breast, the doctor called and said, “We don’t know what happened, there was no cancer left.” Connie said, “I know what happened. God healed me!” David and Connie praised God and rejoiced in Him!

Now, Connie continues her work as a Center Director with Life Choices Pregnancy Center. Through her position she is able to share the truth with the women who visit the facility. “I get to share the truth so that women know they can make a choice for life. I share that there is a loving, gracious God, who took care of all of our sins at the cross. I also get to share about the power of Jesus Christ that is available to those who believe,” said Connie. While Connie has seen many healed, she said she receives her greatest joy when salvation occur and she can see others getting it; getting to know about this incredible love of a good God.

Healed of Chronic Pain

According to his doctors, Richard Waller was just a few short years away from permanent dependence upon a wheelchair and a pacemaker to assist his ever-weakening body and heart.

He was living in constant chronic pain, suffering from two prolapsed disks, spina bifida, degenerative disc disorder, sciatica, arthritis, calcium deposits, and a heart condition called, arterial fibrillation. Fellow church members had prayed for Richard’s healing; he and his wife, Jacqueline, had prayed for his healing, but his condition only grew worse.

Richard, a new believer at the time of his prognosis, participated in local Bible studies. Often he would have to lay flat on his back while attending these meetings, because sitting up was too painful. Richard would listen as well-meaning fellow church members shared their wisdom and gave him familiar denominational excuses as to why he hadn’t seen his healing come to pass: “Sometimes God heals, and sometimes he doesn’t.” “We don’t know why God doesn’t heal all the time.” “Sometimes God says yes, and sometimes no.” Though Richard knew their words were well-intended, they were not comforting, nor were they helpful. Richard became convinced he should suffer through the pain, hoping somehow he would convince God he should be healed. The confusion and contradiction was hindering his understanding of God’s unconditional love.

Richard, who makes his living as a carpenter, found the pain with which he was suffering made it nearly impossible for him to work. As his condition worsened even picking up or playing with his small daughter, Erin was painfully difficult. It wasn’t uncommon for Richard to be hospitalized twice a year or more; doctors continually prescribed more and more medication, and spoke of the imminent need for surgery to address the damage in his back. Richard underwent many types of treatments over the years, some very costly, to escape the pain. He used chiropractic methods and even facet joint injections, in which large syringes full of potent steroids were guided via live X-ray directly into his spine. All of his efforts provided little relief.

Then, one day as Jacqueline was surfing television stations, she came across the God TV channel; this was a surprise to her since they had never subscribed to it. Andrew’s Gospel Truth program happened to be broadcasting at the time.

Although Jacqueline considered changing the channel because she thought Andrew spoke funny, something in her spirit quickened, and she decided to listen to what Andrew had to say. When Richard came home from work she shared what she had found.

Soon, they realized that were receiving revelation from Andrew’s teaching, and the couple began to watch the Gospel Truth regularly. Richard and Jacqueline decided that they wanted to attend one of Andrew’s meetings, and as God would have it, Andrew was scheduled to be in London a short time later. The Wallers made plans to attend, and were excited to meet and hear Andrew minister in person.

Richard recalls Andrew’s opening question to the crowd at the beginning of the conference, “Who came here today to see God move?” he asked. Shouts of excitement could be heard throughout the conference room. Andrew’s response to the crowd was simply, “Well, you’ve come to the wrong place—God already moved.”

“I had never heard that before!” Richard explained.

Following the meeting, Richard made his way to the platform to meet with a prayer minister. He happened to connect with Andrew’s worship leader, Charlie LeBlanc. Recalling Andrew’s teaching that he didn’t need to be afraid of “dimming the lights in heaven” by asking too much of God, Richard gave Charlie the full run down of his extensive list of ailments. “There’s nothing too big for God, and we’re going to work on that right now,” Charlie responded without hesitation.

Charlie prayed, Richard received, and that was that. When Richard headed back to his seat, he still felt pain, but when his wife asked him how it went, he responded, “I’m healed. Everything—I’m healed.” Richard took a moment to shake Andrew’s hand and thank him on the way out, and then he and his wife went home.

The following morning, Richard noticed that he didn’t have to get out of bed in his usual way. He had become accustomed to rolling over onto his stomach, sliding down feet first onto the floor and resting on his knees, and then slowly mustering up the strength to push himself up off the bed into a standing position. It was at this moment on March 5, 2008 that he realized that he was indeed, truly healed.

Today, with a new lease on life, Richard is extremely active. He loves mountain biking, skiing and of course spending time with his wife and ten-year-old daughter. Praise God!

Healed of Depression

Is there a depth of darkness from which even Jesus’ arms can’t rescue someone?

What if a child, age 13, gives away her virginity and becomes pregnant at the same time? What if at the same age she begins using intravenous drugs, becomes a junkie, an alcoholic, and an addict? Can Jesus’ arms still reach? What if as she grows up she runs the roads, sings and entertains in bars? What if she sleeps with more men than she can remember, or sleeps with women, or sleeps with multiple people at once? What if, as a result of her lifestyle she becomes, at least in the eyes of Christians, a murderer, using multiple abortions as birth control; can God still reach her?

Meet Carol Odenwald, the woman who lived that nightmare. At the age of five, Carol suffered a traumatic wound when her father, a Southern Baptist preacher, committed suicide. The event left Carol scarred.

Carol stated, “I closed off my heart toward God.”

Carol describes the image behind which she hid, during her adolescence and early adulthood, as being a self-created facade. Struggling with feelings of rejection, Carol began to build her party-girl image, doing anything to be accepted.

Carol says of her thin disguise, “I learned to smoke, drink and do all of those kinds of things. And the kicker is, I did them all as a Christian.”

Carol remembers accepting the Lord at the age of eight.

“I know I would have gone to heaven had I died in my sin, but I didn’t know there was relationship to be had. I had no idea about intimacy. I had no idea you could have anything more than turn or burn,” she said.

In January of 1997 Carol experienced a life-changing moment of clarity. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she came face-to-face with the devil. In that moment she saw clearly what she had become, and that her lifestyle was killing her.

Carol chose to stop running from God, and rededicated her life to Him. She returned to church and turned her musical talents toward worshiping the Lord. She joined the band at her new church, and within a year became the worship leader. She continued to find favor within the church and was ordained as a minister. It was also during this time that Carol met the man she would later marry.

In 2003 Carol and her husband came across Andrew’s Gospel Truth program on television. His teaching on The True Nature of God caught their attention and they began to tune in regularly. After six months of watching, Carol heard the Lord say, “I want you to go to Bible College.” Carol responded to God’s outstretched hand, and in 2004 she and her husband enrolled in Charis Bible College, Colorado (CBC).

Carol enjoyed her experience, and after completion of the three-year program she became part of the CBC staff and Andrew’s ministry. Her new life in the Lord was moving forward. However, in August 2007, the walls of Carol’s world came crashing down again when she received unsavory news about her husband: He had been involved in child abuse.

Carol’s marriage soon ended in divorce. Once again the enemy had come to steal from Carol, only this time a supernatural work was birthed in Carol’s broken heart. Instead of running from God, she ran to Him. Carol sat at Jesus’ feet and examined the ruins of her life. Through a process of prayer and evaluation, she realized she had still been sitting behind a wall of religion. Finally at the end of herself, she fully surrendered her heart, and God began to minister His love to her in amazing ways. The promises of Jesus became a reality to her, and true healing and freedom began to manifest in her life.

Through Carol’s personal “face time” with Jesus, she established the kind of relationship that she hadn’t known was possible just a short time ago. The freedom she found in Christ burns inside her and shines brightly today as she ministers through speaking, teaching and worshipful music.

Carol’s story is one of encouragement for anyone who thinks they have sunk to a place beyond rescue—No one is beyond Jesus’ reach.

Healed of Epilepsy

“Fear in general, fear of being alone, fear of losing control…any horrible thing I could imagine, I was terrified it was going to happen to me or I was going to do it.” Amanda Bassett accepted Jesus as a child, but for more than two decades, fear dominated her life and, eventually, manifested into something much worse.

“I started noticing symptoms of the seizures when I was about nine years old. I had panic attacks where my mom would hold me down on my bed and I would be shaking. I couldn’t stop because I was so terrified—terrified that I would kill someone, kill myself, or any other horrible thing I could imagine. I was terrified it was going to happen to me.”

By age fifteen, the small seizures became a way of life and the relentless cycle drove Amanda into seclusion. The fear of a seizure was always in the back of her mind. She had trouble thinking clearly and even completing sentences. It may have appeared as though she only had 5 little seizures in a day, but in reality, it was more like 100 or 200.

In high school, Amanda began to isolate herself even more than before, spending most of her teen years in a pitch-black room, fast asleep. Being around other people became awkward and troublesome, and planning for college became a luxury she physically could not afford. “I didn’t think I had a hope or a future. I thought, I’m going to sleep my life away and just hope it ends—get it over with.”

In a state of total misery, Amanda turned to God for answers, knowing that something had to be missing in her relationship with Christ. Her mom started watching Andrew Wommack in 2010. At first, Amanda didn’t really care what he had to say—he was just another televangelist. But then, she started to feel God drawing her into something more. He began to reveal that something was there that she wasn’t getting.

Amanda began listening to Andrew for herself on the Gospel Truth program online and was shocked by what she was hearing. Her mom began encouraging her to pray for her healing from epilepsy, and one day, on the floor of her living room, Amanda’s life changed forever. “The 700 Club was on, and I saw people getting healed. I began to imagine how I could be one of those people.” Amanda knelt down by the television and completely put her faith in God. “I prayed something to the effect of, ‘God, please heal me of epilepsy now,’ and before I’d finished my sentence, the host said, ‘There’s someone with epilepsy who’s being healed right now. Put your hand on your head and be healed in Jesus’ name.’

“From listening to Andrew, I knew that healing doesn’t happen just because you feel something. When I put my hand on my head, honestly, I didn’t feel anything, but I knew better than to go merely by what I feel. I said to myself, ‘I’m healed!’”

Amanda began to understand that healing is in God’s Word , and it’s by relying on His Word, and not on our feelings, that we see His promises manifest in our lives. “By the seventh day, all my headaches were gone, I felt so much clarity, and I could even have a conversation without doing anything weird. I didn’t feel fear—fear was gone.”

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