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5 Thoughts You Think Before Giving Up

The hardest part about making the decision to give up is that there is always a fine line between the give up and success axis. We have all been on both ends of the spectrum; the times when you finally broke through and achieved your goal; and the time when you have quit just shy of the goal line. Perhaps the most influencing part about going one way or the other on that line is the thoughts you think right before that decision. Here are 5 of the most common thoughts people think before giving up on an intended goal.

This is just too hard

This one is heard all too commonly. Everything is fine and dandy until its gets just hard enough to reach your breaking point where the brain says this is too uncomfortable and I am at my limit. So then your brain signals to your body to just stop working on what ever it is that you are doing. It's not your brain's fault as this is what it is designed to do. The issue is though, is that goals and accomplishments worth doing are almost always hard and difficult to accomplish, but that is simply what makes it worth the hardship you'll go through; to see the glory of the other side.

This is not worth it

Most that use this one are the ones who have been in the trenches so long that they have lost sight of the real intended goal and more importantly the reason why they started in the first place. At this point in their mind, the struggle of working towards the goal now out weighs the intended emotion received with the accomplishment of the goal. In this case the best action to take is to stop the work and go back to look at the reasoning of the intended project and the outcome that it would accomplish. Most of the time that feeling will be reinvigorated and struggle will lessen enough to complete the task; finishing the goal.

I can't do this

Closely related to our first reason with some subtle differences. The first reason dealt with the brain's defense mechanism to activate and give reasons to stay in that comfort zone; this reason though is a direct reflection of self worth and the judgement on which you give your abilities to complete the task. You have deemed yourself unworthy by your own accord to be the one who has success at this goal. Simple way to reverse this is drop the letter "t" off of can't and turn it into I can. Simple positive affirmations go a long way in overcoming the "I can't" plague, and the results it has can be pretty amazing too.

They didn't finish, why should I?

Another easy justification to let yourself off of the hook. If others put in effort and didn't make it, what makes me think I can make it? This is the age old trap of putting yourself on the level of everyone else and limiting your personal power to join the average crowd. When you level yourself to others who have already given up, you essentially say "I will only ever be as good as them and nothing more". It takes all of your own individual talents and gumption, and throws them right out the window. It should not matter what anyone has said or done, you are not everyone else nor do you ever have to be. Show your personal ethics in such a way that that average crowd turns around and beings to marvel at you, now making you the standard that they follow and not the other way around.

I'll do this later

Some may argue that this is not necessarily a thought of giving up; it essentially is though. While I warrant the sometimes this can be used in the proper manner without the thought of never returning to it; it is mostly used in the negative way. This is a synonym for 'I give up'. Putting a task off for "later" means that your brain is using one of its many distractive techniques to keep you in a comfortable state and not challenge you. You know that later never comes, and therefore the goal never gets done. Instead, perform at least a little task that can be completed in a short time, ensuring that you will get it done, since you have already started.

Giving up develops a habitual nature of negativity that will consume your daily life if allowed. Remember these 5 thoughts the next time that lazy monster rears its ugly head, pushing you from giving up and sending you into victory lane with all of your goals and dreams.

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