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Fun Activities For Date Night

Date nights are nights that you set aside for you and your partner only. It could be once a week, or once in two weeks, but do not keep a gap of more than that. It is a night only for the two of you and no kids should be involved. If you are planning for something at home, then make sure your kids are not around. Have them spend time at your parents' house. The idea is to let couples have some space only for themselves, without any interference.

Initiating a date night

Are there any specific requirements for a date night? Not at all! You can be all decked up for it in your best evening wear or you could be relaxed in a pair of pajamas. The activity could be as mundane as doing household chores together. The basic idea is to be in a relaxed mood so that you both can have fun while re-bonding. Pick activities that both of you will enjoy. And most importantly, put in your best effort to make it successful.

Some fun activities for date nights
  • Despite couples having been in a relationship for long, every day one can get to know something nice about their partner. Some of the things that you can try are:
  • Go for a long drive with your partner. Put on some romantic music or a song that you feel best describes you as a couple or your special moments together. If you live by the beach or mountain, do go there to watch the sun set.
  • Have a candlelight dinner at home or at a restaurant. Cook for your partner something that he or she loves and share stories about your life over a glass of red wine.
  • Take a bubble bath together. Nothing works better than the bubbles to relax your body and mood. You could even try reading a book while taking a bubble bath.
  • Try doing something whacky like going for a hot air balloon ride or ride a couples' bicycle or go hiking. Even rowing is a good option. It not only helps to keep you fit but also gives you moments of togetherness to remember.
  • Take a class together like a pottery class or salsa class or music lessons or improvisation class. Even joining a sign language programme is great as it helps to increase your understanding.
  • Go back to your childhood, have a water fight using water balloons and water guns. It's a very youthful activity that is bound to bring out that zing in your relationship.
  • Play your favorite board game or card game. It's easy and cheap and something that you can do at home.

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