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How To Keep Love Alive

Many couples struggle with the idea of keeping their love alive and keeping the flame still burning. After a couple of years of marriage things might be getting dull. But keeping the love alive is possible. All you need is creativity and some time on your hands.

How can you keep love alive?

Here are some tips on how to keep loving someone or how to keep love alive:

Do not forget about romantic gestures - bringing flowers to your wife, buying some sexy lingerie for your husband or simply cooking her a nice dinner are small gestures that have a big effect. After a while people forget to do these gestures and when love dies they wonder why. It is mostly because you forgot to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Do not let the anger get the best of you - conflict is expected in any relationship, but how you react when you encounter it is one of the most important things. If you got angry due to some fight you had with your partner take some time to cool down, to let the anger go away and then try to solve the problem. Do not yell at each other, since the yelling will solve absolutely nothing. Anger will only bring more anger and soon enough you will throw objects at him. And this can be a major falling out.

Do not see only the bad parts - yes, we all have flaws and sometimes we make mistakes that have an impact in our life and the life of others. If your partner wronged you do not focus on the mistake, but focus on the fact that he has been trying to repair it. Also, do not look for the flaws. See your husband for the lovely person he is. See the whole person.

Do not compare your partner with others - each person is wired in a different way. Do not compare your husband with any other person. Or your wife for that matter. Comparing is never healthy. In fact, it can actually take away your happiness and ruin your relationship. Try to keep your marriage and partnership comparing free.

Learn your spouse's way of speaking - as previously stated we are all different and we do not have the same language as well as our husband or wife from time to time. Especially considering the fact that women and men are genetically built distinct. Learn what your wife wants to tell you, learn to adapt your system to hers and vice-versa.

Do not ruin your current relationship - there are some ground breaking deals, which you should definitely avoid, such as cheating, flirting with other people and other stuff that can turn your relationship into an emotional wreck.

These are some tips on how to keep love alive after a few years of relationship. Keeping the love alive is possible only if you put in some effort and time. Dedicate yourself to your partner and everything will be alright.

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  • Maj-Britt Starg

    Thanks for all the wise words about realationship ❤

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