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How To Move On After A Heartbreak

Whether you have just begun dating, or are ending a serious relationship, or even a marriage, a heartbreak can be difficult to deal with if you do not know what to do. You may experience different levels of heartbreak at different phases of your lives, but no matter where you are on the scale, dealing with it effectively, and moving on can not only save you a lot of misery, but also make you a more mature person. The three steps to effectively move on after a heartbreak are: distraction, observation, and introspection. Each step is a stairway to build a better you and get readier for the world out there.


If you have just broken up today, you might not be in a mood to talk, hang out, read, or do any of the things you liked to do. You probably just want to curl up under a blanket and brood all day. While it is perfectly alright to shed a few tears and expel the negative energy from the body and the mind, there has to be a check to ensure you do not go overboard in feeling negative, and consequently shut yourself up, resulting in heavy depression. The solution is to find a distraction. You may find the simple things such as cooking dinner, going grocery shopping, etc., help you take your mind off you ex. Daily chores can be the best form of distraction, do them.


A few days after your heartbreak, when you feel more like yourself, and have used your distractions to get back on your feet, start observing everything around you. For example, when you take a walk, observe the other people in the park as to how they behave, talk, walk, smile, or frown. Studying different characters may help you understand the true nature of human beings, and the broadness of the world. You start to realize through your observations that no one is perfect, and people change, which is only natural.


Observation is key to understanding what else or who else is out there. The true readiness to face the world, however, comes when you begin to understand yourself. It always takes two people to end a relationship, and while it is okay to blame your ex, once you sit and think about your past relationship with a cool head, you might be able to identify some aspects where you went wrong, too. Note down those mistakes and think how you could have done those things differently. It may not revive your past relationship, but it will definitely help you handle your next relationship better.

Finally, breathe and look around. Take things slow. It takes time to heal from the pain of heartbreak, so do not rush. Give yourself the time and space you deserve and walk out into the world with your head held high.

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