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In a world of comparison, live authentically

 “In a world of comparison, live authentically” By Jazmin Fuentes

We live in a world where other peoples’ success defines our failures and it seems as if we are competing with each other to see who can get to the finish line first.  We begin to compare our life with the life of those around us but as Christians we need to understand that comparison is not inspiration. When we compare our lives to others we feed the desire to have theirs lives and we start to believe that our lives are not as valuable as theirs.  

The word of God says in Romans 12:5-6 “So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us”. Therefore God needs us to live our authentic purpose in order to fulfill your role in the body of Christ. We were given different gifts that enable us to live the purpose God has for us. If we spend our lives going around desiring other people’s gifts we will not live out the purpose of God for us. Our uniqueness is defined by the strategic plan of God for our life not by the desire to live out someone else’s purpose.

We live in a society where social media is attacking us daily leading us to think that what God has called us to do is not as exciting as what he has called those around us to do. Instead of comparing their gifts to ours, we must feel inspire to see the way others use their unique gifts to live for Christ and do the same with our unique gifts. There will be times when you will become frustrated with the gifts you have and begin to question how you must live out your purpose with these gifts.

Following the will of God is never easy but it is something we must do with faith. We must not be lead by our feelings for if we live by our feelings alone, they will lie to us it will not be long before we are led astray. Instead be lead by faith and joy of being a child of God and choosing to live for him. We must live out a Christ like life that will impact the world we live in. If we don’t start to trust in the purpose of God for our lives then no one else will be able to live out your unique purpose.

So my message to you is that in this world of comparison, live authentically.

Written By Jazmin Fuentes

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