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Knowing The Secrets People Keep

We yearn for the truth about things that can affect us. We seek it. We crave it. It is part of our programming as human beings. This desire to know springs from the necessity to feel safe and secure. We are driven by the need for certainty and what may threaten it. But must we really know the truth all the time and in every circumstance? Do we really wish to discover what people think of us? Does knowing the secrets of those dear to us truly matter?

Curiosity can become excessive, especially when doubt is involved. Doubt between people in a romantic relationship may sometimes ignite an obsession to know the truth about each other’s fidelity. Everyone possesses secrets. They are kept hidden from the public’s view for a variety of reasons. The secret may be too shameful or it may be a memory that we are trying to forget. Or it could involve a deed that we regret having done.

There are times we become emotional in finding out the truth about someone. We often do not think through the possible consequences of knowing. We fail to ask ourselves whether or not we can live with the truth. Perhaps people dear to us keep some things secret for one important reason. And that reason is because the truth may hurt us. Sometimes the truth can do more harm than good.

Maybe it is not always a good thing to know the truth. Perhaps we are just not ready for this possibly shocking revelation. Knowing the truth about someone might completely change the very way we see the person. Before we embark on an obsessive quest to discover the truth about a person, we should probably ask ourselves first whether or not we are ready to face what we may uncover. The truth can be too overwhelming. And once you know the truth, there is no going back. There is no erasing the knowledge that you will possess.

Maybe not knowing the truth and just leaving things as they are can be a good thing. For it could very well be that ignorance is bliss.

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