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Law of Attraction & Turning Thoughts Into Things

Have you ever wondered about the Law of Attraction and if it really works?

Would you like to know how to apply it and try it out for yourself?

Let me share with you why you might want to take notice of the Law of Attraction and change your thoughts so that you can make positive changes in your life, starting today.

First off, I'd like you to think about all the things that have been created in the world in general e.g houses, businesses, the billions of products we have, things in your home, appliances, food etc. Now, I'd like you to think back to a time before these things were here in our experience. Good. And now I'd like you to think about where the ideas for these things to be created/produced started? Stop for a moment and ponder... Everything that is known to you as a physical tangible thing in our world, was first born inside someone's head. Everything that has come into existence i.e known to our senses, started as an idea or inspired thought/desire to create. Can you agree with this? Good.

Now, think about the things that you have in your home today. Take a good look around the room you are in right now, if you are at home reading this,and if not, do it later. Before you got the things you have, you had a desire for these things or you thought about these things, right? So, do you see that they were all your ideas and thoughts before you had them manifest in your experience? The home you are living in. At some point in the past, you had an 'idea' or 'desire' to move home. Or, you had a desire for a type of car. You took some action and then you got the car. There, I've just proven to you that your thoughts create your reality!

Everything is FIRST an idea or thought before it comes into creation. Now, you don't even have to believe in a higher power to get to grasps with the nature of how creation works. It IS IN YOUR EXPERIENCE, as fact. Whether you admit it or not, whether it can be proven or not, which it can now, anyway. Look into quantum physics and you will find that scientists are discovering that consciousness creates matter/ideas etc. Consciousness is the source of it all, meaning that your mind and thinking are the fuel for creating matter i.e the physical appearance and experiences that show up in your life.

This is the basic of the Law of Attraction teachings. They teach you to understand that you are the creator and that you have the power to shape your life with your thoughts and emotions. So, what are you thinking/feeling today? What signal are you emitting to the universe? You will get back what you give out.

It is an energetic / vibrational universe. Things begin in the non physical realms first, then they are transferred into the physical. Much like one of those coffee dispensing machines. Everything is silent, only the idea of coffee exists. You press the button to select the coffee and then a cup is dispensed and filled with water, milk and coffee. Et voila, coffee! First there is the space for desire to be born, then comes the means for the tangible expression of the realised desire.

Thought is a intangible form of energy. It has the ability to shape matter, literally around you and before your very eyes. It happens quicker if you believe that all this is possible or make it conscious, as you will otherwise continue to create unconsciously with your inner most held beliefs and assumptions. Why not awaken to the fact that you have this ability to create your hearts desires instead?

To put this creation process into practice,you can start thinking in ways that will support the manifestation of a life that is in alignment with your highest desires and well being for the good of all. Seems too good to be true? Yes, it can seem that way at first, until you start delving into it and begin to experience it for yourself.

You see, the world of things around you exists in vibrational essence first, i.e as an idea/desire. And you have the ability to create through the conscious application of intentional thought/desire. Think about how creative our civilisation is? From the first beginnings of creating tools to make fire, to the more advanced technologies of today. We created it! Isn't it amazing that we have the power to basically create anything we can imagine? Anything that improves our experience in this physical world or provides comfort and convenience e.g cars

So now you know that it's actually possible to literally shape matter or create your world with your thoughts, desires and imagination, you can use it wisely for the highest good of all.

There is only one rule, and that is, only create with good intentions that does not infringe on another's freewill. Remember you will always reap what you sow! That is another way Law of Attraction works. We are all one in this world together. Always be aware of what you are thinking and never think ill of another. We all came from one source but each of us is here to create something wonderful for our lives and ideally for the benefit of all. And remember to share!

Initially, we are service to self oriented and so we want to accumulate, but through maturity, we can create in ways that benefit all, whilst at the same time sharing our passions/vision for the highest good of all. We can be the change we wish to see in the world, be of service to our fellow beings.

So, if you want to change your life, start by changing your thoughts. Notice where you assume lack in your life? Where do you judge yourself or others? What parts of yourself require forgiveness and love? Know that you are worthy to receive your good and true hearts desire.

Yes, there will be challenges, but you can make small changes in the way you perceive/think about what shows up, and this will greatly change what you attract into your experience, and more importantly, how you react to what is happening in your life now. Be kind to yourself, love yourself unconditionally, just as the Universe does by having created you! Know that you are deserving and worthy of a wonderful life with the highest of what you can imagine for yourself. Having this mindset will also inspire and help all of us to remember that we also are worthy, and start to create positive change in the world for everyone. Become the best version of you, believing abundance is possible for all.

We humans all basically want the same things;- love, warmth, companionship, a comfortable home, people we love and care about, purpose in our work/contribution, well being, financial abundance. We are all deserving of achieving our goals/dreams and contributing something of value and benefit for all. We are one. But, we are presently still in a society where we use money as an exchange for the goods and services we need to live/thrive. This is how it is for now but our economy and how we sustain ourselves in the future will change as new systems replace the old.

Money is just a symbol we use to exchange energy ie to swap it for something someone has created or someone offering a service. It is an exchange for goods/services. It is a cyclic system to represent a flow of energy given or received. That's all money is. Learn to appreciate what money represents and be grateful for its flow in and out of your experience.

If you wish to start putting Law of Attraction to work for you, start by changing or at least catching yourself when you think or believe in lack. Start replacing lack thoughts with thoughts of abundance and all being well. It doesn't happen overnight, and you will basically have to work at it a bit before you see results. Start with worthiness and know that you deserve to be the person you wish to be and to enjoy experiences that resonate with you and help you expand. You are unique and everyone has different desires and requirements depending on their purpose in being here. Tune in and ask yourself what you wish to create and experience that is for your highest good?

Since everything is energy, I recommend you 'feed' your mind (or replace the lack programming) with thoughts of abundance on a daily basis. Nourish your mind with inspiring material that affirms ideas of abundance and confidence. Get to know yourself and undo the social conditioning of lack assumptions that may have come from your parents, teachers etc.

It is always helpful and supportive to find inspiration that is in tune with your goals and visions. Make a detailed list of what you wish to create for yourself in your life. Is there a calling you wish to unveil or become more aligned with? What is it? Who are you? And what did you come here to do and create? You might want to get a notebook and write daily activities/ideas and quotes that are inspiring and will support this new attitude of abundance and purposeful living.

Gratitude for what you have now will attract more to be grateful for! 
What are you grateful for? Gratitude generates amazing 'feel good' energy that increases your vibration/energy, and will make you glow when you take it on board to practise everyday.

Start to notice the things or people around you that you are grateful for or appreciate e.g pets, spouse, the tree in your garden, your car, the food on your table tonight. The more you notice abundance in your life, the more it will increase. Feel it! Visualise it!

You get more of what you focus on! Use your energy of attention wisely. Attention gives more energy to what it is paying attention to! And remember to love yourself throughout! Be grateful for your body, your smile, your teeth etc. Increasing the 'noticing' of abundance in all areas of your life, multiplies the supply! Keep smiling, keep thanking, enjoy your life and what is given to you. Don't get complacent, keep gratitude alive! It's a feeling of abundance and the more you feel it everyday, the more it shall bring to you. In love and light!

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