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Finding Motivation - How to Find What Motivates You

Ever notice what motivates you? Motivation could come from many of your activities which you didn't give much thought before. In fact, it could be the answer to your limitless abundance, saying goodbye to money-related problems.

The source of your motivation will be ingrained in you. You jump up at the thought of it and can't wait to start it. You can't stop when you are doing it and when you are done with it, you can't help admiring it, feeling a deep sense of content and satisfaction.

Motivation could be about writing fiction or nonfiction books, music - singing or playing a musical instrument, painting portraits or natural sceneries, teaching, educating others and sharing your knowledge, playing a sport you like such as soccer, tennis or swimming, cooking a variety of dishes and compiling their recipes, and the list goes on.

Guess what earning money by doing what motivates you is a plus. You will not think of it as work and will always feel inspired to do it and enjoy your time doing it and at the end, earn good money from it.

You could even do a seminar or webinar about it reaching out to more people, helping others to find what inspires them and monetize it, earning a living as well.

You could passionately write books on them, reaching out across the globe not only gaining popularity but also helping the young and old alike to find out what it is they love to do and the steps they should carry out to make it the source of their living.

Imagine what would happen if each and every person on this earth were doing what they were excited about and also earning money from it - naturally the global economy would rise and no one had to leave jobs or get laid off unless because of other circumstantial problems, which could be worked out as well.

Doing the very stuff you love to do and also making a living from it will gradually help you to tap into limitless abundance and prosperity, and you will never have to worry about money problems again.

So the next time, when you are thinking about a career or business, put your creative mind at play, try to figure out what makes you jump up at the thought of doing something, then start doing it and step-by-step monetize it as well so that you never have to work another day again. Sounds good?

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