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I was born into a Christian household and knew about church every week. Bible Study, Sunday School, Night Vigils etc was just the norm but as I started to get older, I began to get bored of the whole ‘Church Thing’. This happened when I was 18 and doing my A-Levels in College.

I used to hate praying so much lol, sounds so terrible but it’s true. I never used to understand how people could pray for even 1 min + because I would honestly be done after 10 seconds.

So, one Sunday, one SPECIALLLLL SUNDAY, I went to church and it was a normal regular service of course, I just dragged myself there for the sake of it but was just waiting to go home. As the sermon was going on, Pastor received a word from God and requested for everyone to stand up to pray. Instantly, I became annoyed lol because I couldn’t pray for long anyway. After I finished my small prayer, I opened my eyes, and everyone was STILLLLL praying around me. So, I was looking around and just thinking that everyone is being extra can we not go home.

Around our church we have different banners with different scriptures and words of encouragement around the church. Instantly, my eyes were drawn to:

‘Jeremiah 5:22 -Why don’t you tremble in my presence? I the Lord made the sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross.’

Instantly I was like wow. It felt like the church went silent, but, I had just muted them out. It may seem so basic to some, but there and then, I began to deep it. As big as the sea is and as wide as it reaches the corners of the earth, the sand is a boundary that it truly cannot cross. Science may be able to say a lot of things, but there are still so many things it cannot account for because God truly did THAT. I began to ask myself, why don’t I tremble in God’s presence? Why can’t I pray?, why don’t I fear God ? and then I realized it was because I hadn’t yet understood who God was and what he was capable of because if I truly understood him with the depth of my heart, I’ll know and feel him when in his presence. I went home and I prayed for forgiveness and felt God with me in my room. It was an amazing experience that I cannot even put into words but giving my life to Jesus, was the best thing that I’ve ever done.

Over the years, God has revealed so many hidden gifts inside of me that I didn’t even know I had. Through revealing things to me and making those gifts known, I created ‘Sarah Destiny’ an online platform where I post You-Tube videos speaking about life, my journey and encouragement because we all need encouragement! Through the start of my channel, I’ve been able to reach over 18,000 + subscribers, share and encourage people through my testimonies and build a community that want to hear about God from our generational standpoints. My channel has been such a blessing to others but also to me and for that, I’ll forever thank God.

I thank God for its success and the many visions he has planted in my heart to not only help inspire people but to motivate them on this journey of life and there is sooo much more to come by the grace of God.

So, what am I saying? - God has different methods of speaking to people & reminding them of how great he is and it’s important to know God for yourself. Not based off culture, generational traditions or someone else’s perception, but for yourself. Get to know God, his greatness & why he is so special in your life. He really is the GOAT, he was yesterday, he is today, and he’ll always be tomorrow. But until you are ready to learn more about him, he won’t reveal himself to you in the way that fits just YOU.

God’s got you, and he loves you. Stay blessed and thank you for reading.

Written by Sarah Destiny

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