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One Secret Of Hidden Fear That No One Talks About!

Rita was sitting on her back porch watching the darkness of night creep softly into the heavens. She looked in wondrous awe as the stars began lighting up the sky while dancing with delight. The mountain air soothed her soul. Yet she couldn't find peace.

Reflecting on her past and The Mystery at West Samms, she once again asked God why did this happen?

Rita was desperate to learn the reason and her heart ached with despair. It just didn't make sense that she lost everything she owned to Phantoms of Identity Theft.

Twenty eight years of hard dedicated work along with one million dollars in secure investments, life insurance, bank accounts and lost credit vanished within two weeks. The pain of her 2004 tragedy haunted her.

Rita didn't quit after her loss, she turned her attention to the internet. She learned quickly that there were even more Phantoms with online businesses. What little money she had she invested in every business model she could find. Yet regardless of her hard work and long hours, she just couldn't create a steady flow of money.

Rita built thousands of down-line members and continued to lose because of greed with a few business owners. Moving on she found a global company with excellent reviews and great products. Building a huge down-line this time was easy. And she made money for eight months.

Until she received a call from the CEO of the company that she nor her down-line would receive any commissions. The company abruptly closed its doors and dismantled the business structure. She was devastated.

And this was only the beginning of that online journey, Rita had to rebuild that million dollar nest egg again. She had never intentionally hurt anyone; what kind of Karma is this she asked. Rita prayed daily for answers and received nothing. Her life ruined for what reason?

After the bliss of her evening with nature watching the stars dance in the heavens, Rita once again asked God why her life wasn't working in her favor. She closed her eyes and waited. This time fourteen years later her mind accepted the open door of truth. She recognized her fear. God answered her prayer.

Rita built her million dollar retirement because of the fear of living on social security. This driven fear not only created a loss, but continued that loss for years to come.

Now at the age of sixty-seven Rita was living on Social Security. Her emotional passion of fear created exactly what fear does, it manifested itself into her reality and didn't leave.

Do you have a deep seeded fear? If so, please read these words carefully. Emotions manifest what we feel, not what we want.

Our emotions create our success or failure in life. Our subconscious mind totally believes what our conscious mind tells us. In Rita's life her emotional fear of living on Social Security was real and that's exactly what her subconscious mind brought to her.

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