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Relationship Tune-Up

You may be asking yourself what is a relationship tune-up??? Well just like you give your car a tune-up every now and again, you also have to do the same with your relationship. If you have a problem with your mate, it's best you go to them first. If you go to other sources, you may end up hearing the things you want to hear. A closed mouth can't get fed. So always make sure you go to your spouse.

A relationship tune-up is just when you ask your mate questions on your behavior of the relationship. You may do this however often you would like whether it's every month, every 6 months, or once a year. Think of it as a progress report. Questions you may ask could be something like "Is there something that I use to do that you like that I don't do anymore? Is there something that I need to work on? Is there something you would like me to do? You have to ask these types of questions for maintenance for a tune-up. A lot of times I hear couples say "Oh she doesn't do that anymore or he doesn't do this anymore but doesn't anymore.

This comes from being complacent or comfortable in the relationship. DO NOT DO THIS. This is how sometimes infidelity or cheating comes into play. Someone gets the thought in their head like "Can I get this somewhere else or will I be happy with someone else? Another problem I see is people telling their friends about problems in their relationship but don't tell their mate. How is this going to help? You go the source and find out the problem so that the two of you can fix the problem. Communication is so important in any relationship. Comprehending is also. One of my friends recently just got into an argument with her boyfriend about how selfish he was. She said "I don't like how selfish you are." He replied back with "Okay. I won't be selfish anymore." In the back of his mind he was really like "why does she think I'm selfish"?

Communication is key. He didn't know why she thought he was selfish so the problem can't be fixed. Make them understand why you're saying what you're saying or where you're coming from. This way you give them a fair chance to plead their case. Another thing is you can tell your mate all day what they're doing wrong, and if they don't care much to fix it, then they just don't care.

Relationships tune-ups prevent any breakups. This way you can never say you did not see any red flags. This makes sure you stay on top of everything. Sometimes when breakups end, you will hear your friends coming to you saying "You didn't see the red flags"? This is why you need a tune-up. In a tune-up you want to also make sure you help each other reach goals. Check in with each other to make sure those goals are getting met. So make sure you get your progress report, you give a progress report, and you check in with each other's goals.


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