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Remember "Why"

Have you ever been in a situation where you carry on with your life, perhaps you have a job, you get up every morning go to work, come back to your family and carry this on for a year or two and all of a sudden one day on a lonely day or a quite day you feel empty and ask yourself "Why, What and Who?" Why do you do the things you do? What do you live for? Who are you? and what do you really what to accomplish. Such a feeling of emptiness and questioning yourself is usually a self-reflection point in your life. Life can get routinal and at times we live on autopilot every day and forget the purpose regarding our lives. This in a long term or even short term can leave us feeling empty without hope.

I would like to remind you to be purposeful about the intent of your life. Remember why you are where you are and you do what you do. Why you have your spouse as a life partner, remember the reasons you had that made you feel that they are suitable to live life with you, why you feel important about your children and what you would like them to accomplish in life and what you would like to teach them. The most important person is you, what is your purpose, how would you like to be remembered in this life, what would you like to contribute. Having this form of self-reflection can help you live life with a sense of purpose and more intent-fully. This will help you live happier and fulfilled. When you feel happier and fulfilled you are more likely to pursue and achieve your life goals.

Get up each day remembering why you do the things you do. Take time to meditate on your life, this will give you energy and the enthusiasm to pursue your dreams. Without remembering "why" you risk living a life that at times can feel purposeless. Without purpose, as human beings we are doomed to give up on everything and feel unhappier. Find your why, reach your goals and live a fulfilling life.The best time to start is not an hour later or tomorrow, start now.

Remember to remain inspired, to move all obstacles standing in your way of success and do not dare give up on yourself or your dreams.

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