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The Best Colors To Wear To A Job Interview

According to research, two thousand human resource and hiring manager professionals who participated in a survey regarding career building said that black and blue are the best colors to wear to an interview, whereas orange is the worst color.

Conventional colors like black, gray, brown and blue are the safest colors to wear for a professional interview. On the other hand colors like orange may give signs of creativity but are too loud to wear for an interview.

Below we have listed analysis of color psychology and what impression a color sends during an interview.

Black Represents Leadership

Black seems to be an unapproachable color and if you wear it properly it represents sophistication, glamour and exclusivity. Black is a color which is taken seriously, brands like Chanel and Saint Lauren use black to show their empowerment in the industry. 

Blue Represents Team Player

Blue is considered the best colors to wear for a job interview as it exhibits confidence and trust. According to research, navy blue color is the best to wear for a job interview. Blue exhibits confided and trust so wearing blue for a job interview is the best option as compared to others.

Gray Represents Analysis

The color gray communicates isolation or independence. This is not a bad thing at all; as long as you are exhibiting that you are confident. Since gray also communicates isolation and is a lonely color, this may give your interviewer an idea that you are an individual person who is self-sufficient and is capable of thinking on their own.

White Represents Organized

Wearing beige or white is the safest bet, but it can also send a message of you being a person who lacks self-confidence or is dull. HR managers think that white color symbolizes you being an organized person and is thought to be a good color selection for a job interview. It is always preferable to choose customized dress shirts because its fits with your body and gives good impression to interviewee.

Brown Represents Dependable

This down to earth color represents safety, warmth, dependability and reliability. There are top brands that use brown in their logo like M & Ms and UPS, representing dependability. Wearing a brown suit to a job interview will give the impression of reliability on the recruiter.

Red Represents Power

Red represents power and passion and is also a good color to wear when you have to impress or persuade someone. HR managers also added that red color is also linked with energy, excitement and courage which are beneficial factors.

Green, Orange, Yellow And Purple Represents Creativity

These are loud colors and give the message that you are a person full of fun and energy and attract attention, but they don’t give the message of trust and dependability which doesn’t makes them a good color selection to wear for a job interview. However, one can wear these colors at work for in-house meetings or happy hour gatherings.

In a nutshell, black, blue gray, white and brown are considered the best colors to wear at a job interview, as these colors send powerful messages that can help your in making the decision of hiring you.

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