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The Simple Truth That Transforms the Law of Attraction

What if the entire universe, all of it, is but a reflection of limitless consciousness?

And what if every possible outcome is unfolding simultaneously? What if we could select, as if from a mind-boggling buffet, any moments we choose to cooperate with in order to experience it?

What if we are choosing each moment in order to understand who we are in relationship to that experience or circumstance?

What if we are all ONE mind simply playing different parts?

What if time is not real and all events and all possible events are actually occurring right NOW? In other words, what if now, this moment, is all there is, although we experience it as linear time?

Choosing to experience a state of being, simply by 'being' it, creates a cascade of new probable events, one that backfills, as it were, the past to construct the NOW in the most logical path in our memory.

We remember the event as having transpired, as if cause and effect happened, but in reality, the NOW event actually caused the effect, or rather path that it traveled and not the other way around.

What if a state of openness, gratitude and joy could mold the experience we have in our construct of time?

Results would be instantaneous, although they would seem as if they were separated by time and space (from our perspective).

The Law of Attraction then would simply be a vehicle of expression of the eternal moment, one of many outcomes, all changing simultaneously as we choose and thereby create whatever it is we are experiencing.

And what if, our vast minds, being part of a living consciousness that permeates all things, indeed is all things, is also experiencing our choices and non-choices in each moment so that in order to experience itself, in relation to, every other aspect of itself?

And, if we were eternal, playing a vast game and interacting with others, we do so to "live out "the adventure of the game.

That would mean that everyone that comes into your life, however briefly, is chosen in advance (or agreed upon in some way) so that you to react/respond/experience that meeting or interaction and be whoever you are in relation to it.

It would also mean that you are not 'stuck" on any given path. All outcomes are possible in each moment. You simply have to select them. ( You choose by your emotional response.)

By embracing life and seeking love and joy in all circumstances, the game is "re-set" to change the path, the outcome and even the players themselves.

Ego, greed and fear however, destroy the game. As does worry, the stepchild of fear of lack. (Again, the game responds to your emotional state rather than your words.)

The great challenge of the game is then to get what you need without allowing it to become your identity. Chasing material things is a false purpose and creates fear.

Your body is only a vehicle that allows you to experience physical life.

It is easy to forget that you are not here to pursue wealth or fame, although those things may come. Your real purpose is to experience life and in so doing, create joy.

Your ultimate purpose is to be love in action, kindness in motion and to remind others of the same.

You are here to express love (and have fun). So go do that.

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