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The Voice of Nature Speaks to Your Spirit

Do you have a strong connection to your Spirit? Is your spiritual nature guiding your life, or is it something that you relate to as being a place to visit?

Your own deepest knowing is right there waiting for you to connect to it and allow it to show you how much your life can be enriched through taking "the road less traveled." Yet, you need to make room for it to express, grow and give you the information that is so valuable to you. Taking the time to get deep into a spiritual orientation takes commitment, and it takes time.

The forest is a place that has plenty of time. All around are magnificent beings who have stood in one place their whole lives, and who have much wisdom to share by their examples. Each one has adapted to the conditions of its particular position in a unique way, expressing relationship with the elements and growing with what it has as raw materials. Think about how their relationship with time has so much to tell us. They aren't rushing off to do something!

In the forest, there is ample room, with lots of time to do what needs to be done. Animals do not hurry. The water flows quite naturally down the hill, the clouds pass by in their own patterns, the breeze gently speaks, or perhaps the vigorous wind roars. Each one of these is a deep expression of a higher spiritual truth, and you have a place within that truth. How easy it is to forget that in the modern way of thought and of life!

Stress and excessive activity is counter-productive to a healthy way of living. People who take the time for spiritual thinking and practices, who connect with their own spiritual energy, report experiencing less stress, and have a way of getting more done, too. Without being distracted by things that shout for attention but have little true meaning, your spiritual self can grow and become stronger.

Deeper breathing, slower walking, quieter and gentler speech, all contribute to a connection that will nourish you and take care of you. After all, it IS the real you that you are connecting with! And that real you has a lot to offer the larger world, as you get closer to realizing what your true potential can be when you step into your spirit and allow it to tell you what you need to know.

You can open up your mind to listen to spiritual information and it will give you the help you have been wanting.

Get more relaxed than you have ever been and find your vision. Notice the bridge of spirit that connects you to the rest of the Universe.

Learn about a place in Big Sur where you can spend time in the wild, listening to the voice of Nature as it speaks to your own Spirit.

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