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The Wonders of Love

The ups and downs that we encountered in our lives are just part of our survival. Often, it will lead to a more promising and rewarding journey ahead especially if we believe in the power of love.

Love is powerful and infinite because it has the power to heal us from the emotional setbacks that we have encountered. It gives us a sense of direction, understanding and a reason to smile despite the problems that we have.

We always look forward in waking up each day because of the beauty that comes with it. Having an inspiration makes us receptive to life. Although, we are afraid to fall in love due to many issues like what other people would say but love helps us move on with our lives. It serves as our motivation.

We want to find someone whom we can share our hopes and dreams, our strengths and weaknesses and even our happiness and sadness. Someone whom we can spend for the rest of our lives.

When we achieve something in our career, we cannot wait to share our excitements because we feel that our partner would also be happy in anything that we accomplish.

I like the feeling of being in love again. It makes me quite nervous somehow but excited at the same time. It means that I am now truly moving on from my past. Even a simple text brings a shiver in my heart. It makes my day's long and tiring work easy. Even if I am tired, the message that my special someone sends always bring a smile on my face.

I even realize how fascinating the world can be by simply reading a short message. A simple passage that sustains me throughout the day. I find my strength in knowing that someone is a part of my life Someone who boosts my drive to work more and study more for the future of my kids.

I might have made a mistake in my previous relationship but it doesn't mean that I am not capable of loving again. I cannot even believe it myself because of the emotional trauma that I experienced.

But someone knocks in my door. At first I was really hesitant to let him in.Yet as days go by, I realize that he adds color into my life. He is even the reason why I become braver in facing the world. Because of his love, I learn to live again and look forward each day.

I guess I already found my soul mate. I really thank him for coming into my life. Because of him, all my troubles and heartaches are diminished. I found emotional security in him that I never thought possible.

Thus, spiritual love brings wonder into our lives. All we need to do is let HIM in. We welcome JESUS in our hearts as our personal savior and redeemer. Nothing is impossible with God's love. We just have to surrender our burdens and he will give us rest.

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