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Three Dangerous Dating Mistakes Christians Make

Are you looking for Christian relationship help to enable you to be wise in dating? Here are three dangerous dating mistakes Christians make that will keep you in a bad relationship:

You believe God brought you together. If you believe that God brought you together, then it will be confusing for you when the relationship isn't working. You will justify not breaking up because you have faith that the relationship is supposed to work out. This is a huge mistake. Just because this person came into your life doesn't mean you will be together forever or that there is a divine plan for your life that includes this person. It is very possible that you inferred from circumstances that God brought you together. If God did, then it will be a healthy equally yoked relationship; if it isn't healthy, then it is a sign that it wasn't His will.

You believe you are supposed to witness. If you believe that you are supposed to witness to this person, then you will justify staying with them when the relationship isn't healthy or good. You will overlook problems in the person and focus on being a good Christian in response. This could lead you to tolerate unacceptable things and to overlook bad character traits you would otherwise run from. God doesn't require you to sacrifice your standards to be in a relationship to witness. He can bring other people into this person's life.

You believe you are supposed to endure trials. If you view your difficulties in your dating relationship as "trials," you will be inclined to apply all kinds of Christian truths to them: Endure hardship as a good Christian soldier (2 Timothy 2:3) and believe God works everything out for good (Romans 8:28). Dating isn't supposed to be a trial that you have to persevere through; it is a trial relationship with someone that is meant to be a testing ground-not for you but for the relationship. If you see red flags, they are meant to make you stop and take a second look as to whether or not you should continue the relationship.

Don't get tripped up by believing these mistruths about dating. You don't want to make these three dangerous dating mistakes Christians make. Instead, be willing to let go of a bad relationship trusting that God you will help you meet the right person that is healthy and equally yoked.

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