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Top 5 Furniture Shopping Mistakes

Many people shop for furniture and it can be a fun furniture shopping experience or a bad nightmare come true. Over the years, furniture shoppers have come up with tried and true methods to get the right furniture they are looking for. Then there are mistakes that you can learn from and some preparation that you can do to make your furniture experience a rewarding one when you furnish your home

Mistake #1 - Wrong sizes and proportions - use a room planner. Your coffee table looks more like an ottoman or footstool next to your oversize sectional couches? Well, to avoid these mistakes, just use an online room planner to plan out the space and dimensions of the items before you buy. Knowing how your room is going to look before the items are there will help you visualize what you need to fill in space or leave some room to move around.

Mistake #2 - Can't get it into your room - measure your path to position. You buy that new sofa but it can't get through the door? Or that nice club chair would look nice in your Den if you can get it through your hallways and door! Delivery through the front door, hallways, up staircases, around corners, in smaller room doors is always an overlooked thing when you are thinking, "It will look great in my bedroom." But you failed to realize you could not get it inside your bedroom because of the narrow hallway or crowded staircases. Most times manufacturers make items to building standards so that it fits around the home areas for it to be movable. But you never know if that standard changed when your house was built or customized, so just to be sure you can get it where you need, remember to measure your doorways, hallways, etc. of which your item will have to pass through for it to be positioned where you want it.

Mistake #3 - Not buying on sale - buy on sale or ask for a discount. Not buying on Sales or mark downs from MSRP is saying you like to buy your car at full price plus paying for all the add ons they have on that sticker, because you'll be paying at least 30-40% more than you should. There are many tips on saving money buying furniture online, and this is a top one.

Mistake #4 - Only Buying at the Store and Not Comparison Shopping Online - price compare. Scared of the internet, then you might be scared of saving money too? If not, then identify what you need and do some research with the furniture store online by searching on Google or any search engine. You'll be sure to find some great ideas on price ranges when you haggle, or just save time and buy with the online store as well, and you can always weigh the costs and benefits of buying furniture online vs. a retail store.

Mistake #5 - Not setting a budget on cost and quality with your family - communicate. Maybe mom is the one that makes the style decisions in the home, but be sure to communicate with your family if they are also the ones using it with you to value the time and money you have put into your furniture purchases. Setting a budget and targeting your style will help you find the best of what you need rather than making last minute guesses that will cost you money and grief, especially when you start to dislike the color you chose after your kids start stomping all over the piece.

Well, theses are just some of the mistakes you can make. But avoiding the top ones will lead you down the right path of avoiding many other smaller mistakes in buying furniture. Good luck, and as always, learn from other's mistakes because life is too short to only learn from your own mistakes.

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