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Some six to seven years ago, I became acquainted with John the revelator as I reflected on the book of Revelation, for I suddenly found myself a carer, caring for my beloved husband after a severe haemorrhagic stroke which left him with right-side hemiphlegia and the loss of his speech etc.

The more I reflect on the first chapter of Revelation, the more I see a disciple like me, who seems to be going through dark times, and yet handled it well, knowing fully well that there is treasure in the darkness.

John, who wrote the gospel of John, the 1st, 2nd and third epistles of John, and finally the book of Revelation; that great book that set the record straight for the future of the church, the world, the believer etc. was the son of Zebedee, the brother of James - who was beheaded by Herod. This brother has so much to teach the Christian woman of today, as challenges, tribulations, difficult moments are inevitable while we journey on earth.

It was amazing for me to see that God has a message (Revelation of Jesus Christ) to convey to His servants, yet He needed a servant to carry the message to the servants, and there He found a John who was in tribulation, and banished to the isle of Patmos. The situation in which John found himself created an atmosphere for God to reach generations after generations through John, as John opened his spirit to God and collected for the body of Christ, and the world at large the book of Revelation.

I took comfort and courage in the midst of my own darkness as I embarked on a season of nursing my beloved husband back to health, knowing fully well that there is a treasure that God intended to give to me in the midst of my life difficulty. It dawned on me that what I need is not just the healing of my husband’s body, but much more; my life must collect what God intended for me while going through this dark time, for there is treasure in my darkness.

If any woman going through the dark must collect God’s treasure, hidden in their dark moments, I found some attitudes of John that such a woman must emulate, and these are:

  1. John was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day: The Lord’s day for me imply every day, it goes beyond the Sabbath, as every day is the day the Lord has made, therefore, I must walk in the spirit, and then I will not fulfil the desire of the flesh. (Gal5:16). A woman in dark moments must know that God is Spirit, and if she will get anything substantial from that season of life, she must engage God in the spirit.
  2. John heard behind him a great voice as of a trumpet: This is another key element of collecting from God, treasures in the darkness. The Christian woman must yield her ears to hear what the Spirit has to say as she engages God in His word. She must deliberately shut her ears from that which discourages or portray God as wicked, or that which asks God why? She must tune her ears to the frequency of heaven as she companies with women of like passion, so that her ears can hear news of heaven that she may be able to see as God sees.
  3. John turned to see the voice that spoke with him: For me, this is another key attitude to cultivate in times of darkness, a wise woman, must not only tune her ears to hear from God, but must also turn to God and not the difficulty that faces her, she must turn to God’s direction even when it seems silly if she will ever come out of the dark with treasures.
  4. John saw seven golden candlesticks; After John turned, he saw golden candlesticks, what if he refused to turn despite God making sounds to beckon to him to come? For until he turned, he could not see. And I believe there are scenes to see while a woman journeys through dark moments. Some of the things to see will cumulate together to form treasures not only to the one going through that dark time, but also to many around her, and many who may not know her in person.

These four attitudes form the basis for a wise woman been able to collect treasures while in darkness. Paul and Silas tuned their hearts towards heaven while in the dark in Philippi prison, and through that they collected for the kingdom of heaven a jailor and his household.

Fanny Crosby went through the darkness of sight loss and she collected for Christians worldwide great hymns.

Fenelon Francoise while confined to his diocese wrote letters to individuals which formed the book “The seeking heart”

Maybe you are going through difficulty in your marriage, family, health, or with your children etc. one thing is certain, Christ set us an example as He laid His life down at Calvary, knowing fully well, treasures (men and women) will come out of the same for Him and for the Kingdom of heaven. (John12:32) and today, thousands and millions around the world are part of the heavenly treasures, all because Christ yielded Himself to God in the midst of the darkness of Golgotha.

Therefore, for every reader of this article who seems to be going through the dark or would be going through the dark, note, that there are treasures hidden in that dark times, make all diligence to discover them as you anchor your hope in God and not in your prevailing circumstance.

And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness, secret riches; and you will know that I am doing this - I, the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by your name. Isaiah 45:3 



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