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True Love - A Journey

Deep inside our traveled minds, our spirits yearn to quest for that which is passionate and faithful. We long to catch with our fantastic spiritual nets that which our minds find as a ceremonial truth that is true love. Like a satellite dish reaching to the stars of our universe, we are committed to find that which our ancient species within us wants. We want to sense millions of years of deep feelings for someone that has been within us. We are vessels for the affection for another's fancy and tenderness and in it the flame which captivates our lover's entire being. That person's quest for the fire of a ghostly beloved is a journey to which we are all accustomed but only so few delve.

The hearts infinite warmth is fueled by a source of fascinating defiance. A defiance to give into a false sense of love is that energy, usually of romantic interlude, that allows one to stay focused on the express path to what needs to be satisfied inside our souls. When one knows they are on the right path, the path will be smooth but not without the chicanes of the worldly experiences that bring forth a star-crossed miracle like being able to drink the milk of a constellation.

If one honors oneself, one will relax the outer layers of humanity to allow the greatest of happiness and joy to be let in. One must put aside the curtains of distraction and let the light that reflects in a transparent world around into one's heightened observation. When granted to fly high above oneself in the mind's eye, we see that to be alone is to exist in a molecule of dust and is a promotion of flight from that which we all sorely need. When we share the ultimate of human existence with another we ensure that we feel special and that somewhere within us we will return the feeling to someone else that we care about.

Although we are on the right path, sometimes we reach a cobblestone laden path of emotion and choices that we must make. Are the cobblestones a sense of wanting to be alone for a while or is it a piece of road that we must endure because we do not want to feel loved?

If one looks with their peripheral vision, the road will once again be smooth and when we do find that special compound of spiritual chemistry, we will have found true love.

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