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What To Do With Negative People

Some people never seem to see the positive side of anything and who are very vocal about the problems they perceive. I am not an exception, though. I am really affected when some people wants to bring me down. It really causes me to breakdown. But once I pour my heart out, I start to see things in a different light.

Indeed, being with negative people can be very draining. They kept on complaining about their situation but never them as the problem. Some people will say that you never have to put up with a negative person and should get away from them.

However, some of us have duties that we take seriously. We won't leave a job because of a negative co-worker or superior even if we already feel belittled. This is called our commitment. We won't abandon a family member. In other words, we are stuck with negative people either because of obligation or choice.

My younger sister is like that. She is the type of person who keeps on blaming other people for the consequence of her actions. You cannot hear her say good things about you even if you've helped her through. She doesn't even know how to say, "Thank You. Her ungratefulness makes me feel sad and depressed. I am a very optimistic person. However, when she talks bad behind my back as if I did nothing good in her life, it really drags me down because we are only two; which means that we are supposed to love and support each other.

Unfortunately, the other way around happens. The one that I don't like about her is that she pretends to be perfect even if she has blemishes throughout (not literally). I know that I have my lapses in life but I never blamed other people for what I become. I take accountability for everything I do.

Given a chance, I would really cut off my contact with the negative person in my life. But since she is a family, I cannot do that. The one thing I am afraid of is that I am very patient and soft-hearted, but once I get my outburst, I am really scary because I would never bother to turn my back again to this type of people.

I already accepted that she is already like that for so long and that she will never change. My acceptance does not mean that I approve her negative behavior. It hurts like hell to feel this way to your own sibling.

Bottom line is to never allow that negative person to drag you into their negativity. Think about something positive. Things that make you happy. Remember, you are in control of your own mental well-being.

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