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World Wine Known France - Travel Tips to French Wine Regions

No question: the best reason to visit France is the wine. They produce the most. They drink the most. They export the most. You must see.

Without an endless list we try to suggest to you the best tours and winery. Visit shortly to keep time to book your favorite trip.

For a wine taste and sightseeing the most popular is Provence:

There you can find picturesque medieval villages and vineyards around Chateauneuf du Pape.

Even Van Gogh worked there. And if you finish visiting Lavender Museum then you can enter any winery, tasting Syrah, Grenache or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Leaving Southeast of France you will find possibilities even in the capitol.

Paris offers short wine tastings from Bordeaux to Lyon for those who just want to try and go on. (to the next level?)

Apropos Bordeaux! In the heart of "Red Eye" small cities like Saint Emillion offers different options to taste wine in many cellars. This is the paradise of wine-lovers. After a glamorous lunch in the heart of the city just jump up to the bus and don't go back until you finish tasting wine epics, like Mourverde.

Where could be better for tasting wine and learning all about its secrets than the vineyards of Burgundy? If you are in France explore this region and its famous products on a tour of different wineries and wine cellars. They are like Gevrey Chambertin, Morey Saint Denis and Chambolle Musigny. You can learn about winemaking and its aging and tasting techniques.

The Burgundy wine (Bourgogne or Vin de Bourgogne) one of the most famous in the world.

Red prefers Pinot Noir and the white: Chardonnay Yes! Do not forget: France is not just about reds. Called Grand Cru wines make up 2% of the production at 35 hectoliters per hectar, while Premier Cru wines make up 12% of production at 45 hectoliters/hectare. These wines often should be aged 3-5 years, but consider the best wines can keep for much longer.

Finally a tip if you would like to take some rest as well: St. Tropez and its neighborhood. (27.000 hectares)

We get back to the Southeast. It means French Riviera offers some valuable moments if you leave the beach for a moment and taste some wine. Chardonnay and Mourverde are popular here too but you can drink Rose if you are a gourmand.

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