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Your Mind Is Your Greatest Power

So, let's try to explain why your mind is your greatest power. Everything in our universe, as well as all that appears stable in our physical world, is made up of vibrations of energy. Even our thoughts are created by these vibrating waves, and are the most dynamic and fluid substance in the entire cosmos.

Are you commanding your heart to beat right now? If no, what does? How does it influence you?

First, your thoughts are independent of the physical universe, and yet it interacts with it. What is amazing is that any thought that is repeated over and over in your conscious mind will then make an imprint into your subconscious.

And once this mark makes it into your unconscious mind, it is then used as a tuning tool and begins vibrating, and attracts to you the people, the circumstances, and the events that match the images that you have within. You have a real power to influence and direct the things that happen to you.

The Power to Influence 

So, let me make a point before you think of me in disbelief. It is difficult for you to consider that you can do certain things, or are good enough, or successful or wealthy. Yet you believe the opposite to be true. Therefore, why would it be impossible for your mind to believe one way but not the other?

One of the beautiful things about the subconscious and its power is that it cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine. So it means that you can program and imprint into it anything you want.

And so, experiments have been done about this where athletes mainly imagine practicing for a month and then do as well as those who did indeed practice. It resulted in their mind believing that they were good which improved their performance. Therefore, imagining an action or a state of being in your mind over and over again makes a profound imprint on your subconscious.

The Powerful Source Within 

The Soviet Union used it on their athletes, I know, I was one of them. But what is even greater is that it goes beyond sport and can be used for finances, relationships, career, and self-healing. There are no areas of your life impossible when you work with mind power methods. It can be visualization, meditating, affirmations, attraction or creating new beliefs. You feel like you take control of your life.

Your thoughts are the most incredibly powerful source of nourishment and abundance. But nobody teaches us how to think. We learn to be positive or do the best we can. Well, I am sorry, but that is sad. Positive thinking is fundamental while mind power is a powerful tool at your disposal.

And the laws and methods can be readily understood by anyone. It is a real awakening once you realize that your thoughts influence your reality. If you do believe in mind power, you are ahead of millions of other individuals, because it still is pretty much a recent theory. Only a small percentage of the world believes in it, and half of those do not practice it daily or in the right way.

What Is Mind Power 

Mind power is not just being positive; it is using ways to imprint beliefs and images, not only on a conscious level as it is with positive thinking but on an unconscious level. Once you imagine and live the stuff you want, again and again, you are attracting those things to you.

And there is no greater turning point in your life than to discover that you have a personal power, and that you are the master of your destiny. And all it takes is maybe fifteen minutes a day to transform your life if you are ready to practice daily.

But remember that it can work equally against you. The reason being is that your thoughts can also keep you in poverty, in sickness, or not succeed at your goals. In fact, it is one of the greatest tragedies of today. It is why most people are not getting ahead. Their mind power subconsciously attracts the wrong things in their lives. In truth, your thoughts are what is creating your reality.

Mind Power and Creativity 

Creative people often generated inventions through ideas coming out of nowhere, but always when they took some time off. These things do not happen when you are too busy or working too hard. You must give yourself good quality time and honor yourself. So you need to take freedom days where you do not work at all.

And when you let go of everything, you give a time your creativity and intuition to get in touch with the abundance of thoughts and mind power you have at your disposition.

"Why do I always get my best ideas in the shower?" - Albert Einstein

So, even a small time away can make a difference. Today, I am a big believer in just taking time off once in a while to reflect, assess and evaluate things. If you attract the things that are at the same frequency you are when you are stressed or overworked, it won't do you any good.

Do Something You Love 

You are a brilliant human machine with mind power! What I have realized is that all successful people I know made their fortune and met success in an area that they loved. Think for a second! Has anyone ever made a great deal of money by doing something that they don't enjoy?

I surely don't! Steve Jobs got into computers because he loved it and wanted to make a difference, not because he wanted to be rich. That is one of the secrets of success as well. So find something that you love to do. Not only are you going to be more successful at it but you are going to have more fun doing it.

Therefore, you win both ways. Yet, one of the maxims of mind power is that you must know what you want before you can get it. And you have to make sure that your goals are attached to a mission, purpose or reason, or it won't last.

The First Step to Mind Power 

The beautiful thing about life is that we get to choose whatever goals we want. It is wonderful! When there is free will, everybody has the right to live their existence differently and have their definition of success.

As time goes by, and you examine your goals at times, you may find out that your motivations are not as accurate as you initially thought they would be. So, you do not want to end up climbing the ladder of success, only to find that it is up against the wrong wall. And that is why each of us, in due time, have a midlife crisis.

So, the first step to mind power and to changing your life is to pay attention to the thoughts inside your mind. And then direct them accordingly. Every day, you have thousands of thoughts. So when you realize that they influence, affect and help to create your reality, you must become very conscious of what you are thinking.

The Imprint of Wrong Beliefs 

It works with any area of your life but let's take the example of money. What do you usually feel when you think about it? Is it that money is difficult to make? Do you believe that there are no good opportunities out there? Or is it that you seem never to have enough money?

And if these are the type of thoughts you think, then unfortunately what is happening is you are imprinting that reality into your subconscious. Just by your day to day worrying and concern about money, you imprint your unconscious with a scarcity consciousness. So once something is printed in your subconscious mind, it then begins to attract the people, circumstances, and events that match the images that you have within.

So you are blocking yourself in a never-ending experience of frustration on trying to get ahead financially. And it does not matter how many hours a day you work or the ideas you have. If your beliefs about money are limiting, then you are not going to manifest money.

The Key Aspect of Mind Power 

Now, the opposite is equally valid. It is the beautiful thing about mind power. Repetition is one of the key aspects of getting things. Your subconscious will accept any thought or belief that you continually imprint. And the good news is that you can reprogram and imprint new prosperity beliefs.

So all you have to do is to repeat things over and over again, and believe it to be true. And what will happen is that day by day it will take an imprint, and it will change your beliefs about money. And as you turn your viewpoints around; your mind power begins to attract better situations to you.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the flow of thoughts inside your mind. Take a look at those which are consistent with what you desire. If you don't have the right thoughts, then you need to redirect your mind to a new place of beliefs through mind power techniques. And develop a new prosperity consciousness.

The Second Step to Mind Power 

The first prosperity belief is that it is an abundant universe. You have to recognize prosperity everywhere and to fill your mind with feeling, seeing, sensing and being surrounded by wealth. Get a coffee at the most expensive place you know and spend time there. Or look at your favorite car and sit in it, imagining you own it.

In fact, your mind power does not care about your gender, your spiritual faith, or the color of your skin. There are many people becoming millionaires in this world. They are not at all different than you. With prosperity beliefs, good ideas, initiative and finding your calling, there are no reasons why you cannot succeed.

So, you just need to find something that you feel good about. Even if you choose only to do what you love, you still have a vast number of opportunities to operate and be successful. Another belief is that it is your duty and responsibility to succeed as 'Uncle G' always says.

Honor Your Mind's Instinct 

Therefore, you have to honor what is calling you because that is not only what is going to make you successful but also is your contribution to the world. You have to listen to that little call that tells you to move on. I don't say it will be easy or that you won't get a few sleepless nights over it until you make the decision.

However, if you honor your mind power instinct, it might the best decision you can ever make. If you follow what you love, you might touch more people's lives. So, you have to follow your bliss, or what makes you jump for joy. You can make a living doing something you don't like, but you will never be tremendously successful.

But the most fascinating, challenging and exciting is that by choosing your thoughts, you can direct and influence your actions. And you can create the vibrations of energy you need within you that will attract realities to you.

The Unlimited Power at Your Disposal 

Mind power is very potent. You must realize that you have unlimited power at your disposal. So spend five to ten minutes a day contemplating, thinking and affirming the thoughts you want to yourself. Some days, you might be excited after this little exercise. But there will other times where that little voice comes in and says "Who are you kidding? You don't have unlimited power."

But the critical factor here is to do it every day. Never miss a day, whether it is exciting or annoying to do. Mind power needs repetition. And somewhere along the ninety-day period, as imprinting takes time, you will feel like an empowering conviction is taking over you. Sometime, it might take longer.

So, it is what makes the difference between positive thinking and mind power. The former is about "Think positive and positive things will happen to you." There is nothing wrong about that; I rather you think that way than negatively. But mind power is taking it a step beyond that.

Mind Power and Success 

Mind power makes you define clearly what it is you want. Then through certain methods such as affirmations, visualization, imprinting, creating new beliefs, you add them through repetition. So the subconscious mind begins to pick up on it.

So, give yourself the right messages and do some work on it each day as it doesn't happen magically. Make a list of fifteen to twenty things that make you feel good and successful about who and what you are now. And the key here is 'Now.'

Yet, you often think about the goals you want to achieve. Things that you are going to do, or be or the changes you are going to make. It is alright to look at the future, but at the same time, you want to create a vibration of success now. Remember: success attracts more success.

Create Your Mind Power Now 

Therefore, write down and make a list of things that make you feel like you have success now. Then spend five minutes each day going over it and as you read it, feel successful about who and what you are NOW. It can be simple things like "I am a great cook," I am a good friend," "I dress well," "I am smart," and more.

As a result, it will begin creating a success vibration now, so that this frequency attracts to it other future successes. It is a pretty simple and yet compelling technique. When you start your day this way, you begin it with a success vibration.

And as for visualization, it is imprinting into your subconscious the exact goal, seeing, feeling, tasting, and vibrating what you want to happen to you. But one of the tricks with visualizing is that you need to look at it as it is already happening now and not in the future.

So here you have it! Mind power is a powerful tool that each of us possesses. But you have to change your perspective on life, and be grateful. Thus now, enjoy your new ability by using it fully because, believe it or not, you have unlimited power at your disposal.

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