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What Do Geckos Eat? - A Guide in Feeding Your Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are nocturnal ground-dwelling lizards, subsisting on insects for food, and are naturally found in the Southern Central Asia, from the regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, to the territories of India and Iran. The interesting feature of the leopard gecko as compared to other species of geckos is that they possess eyelids that they use to adapt to the rocky, dry and desert terrain of their natural habitat. Furthermore, this helps them to keep their eyes clean and particle-free in their dry and dusty environment. Nevertheless, despite the nature of these lizards to come from rigid terrains, it had been one of the most commercially available lizard species that are considered and bred to be pets. They have been observed...

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Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girls That Will Steal Your Heart

Anime have become the new thing for most people to watch. Following the great adventures on each show that your characters go through is one of the highlights of your day. You will also find that many people have started to enjoy girl anime pictures. These girl anime usually depict real characteristics that people enjoy seeing. The girls on these animations look very realistic with the bodies curved to suit real women. Sailor moon is one such show that has girl characters in different shapes and sizes. What the animators work on for the girl anime is the eyes which are usually large eyes which are either a bright blue, green, brown and some even red. These girl animations are...

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Love Meow - Top Reasons We Love Cats

Cats. Adorable creatures we humans find so irresistible. If you admire cats and own one, or more accurately, you are owned by one, do you ever wonder why you still have one - despite cats being so demanding? There are several reasons for which cats are able to steal our hearts with their overwhelming cuteness. Keep you entertained Being around cats is one of the greatest ways to get entertained. With just a few toys, a laser pointer or a piece of string, they are able to brighten your whole day in just a few hours. Occupy smaller spaces Cats are perfect pets if you own a small apartment building. They're small, and do not occupy too much space. Furthermore,...

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Japanese Cat Names For Your Special Pet

Most Japanese pet names are based off of certain things that are rich in their culture such as special meanings, special words, and exotic parts of the land, exotic flowers and famous people in Japanese history. Whichever name you prefer, you can always do research on it to find out the true meaning and origin. If you are looking for ideas to base your Japanese pet names from, here are some common pet names for cats, dogs or any other pet that are derived from Japanese words: Aiko - little love Aki - born in Autumn Akiko - autumn child Anda - meet at the field Akina - spring flower Ayame - iris Aneko- older sister Chiko - arrow Chika...

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