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Love Meow - Top Reasons We Love Cats

Cats. Adorable creatures we humans find so irresistible. If you admire cats and own one, or more accurately, you are owned by one, do you ever wonder why you still have one - despite cats being so demanding? There are several reasons for which cats are able to steal our hearts with their overwhelming cuteness. Keep you entertained Being around cats is one of the greatest ways to get entertained. With just a few toys, a laser pointer or a piece of string, they are able to brighten your whole day in just a few hours. Occupy smaller spaces Cats are perfect pets if you own a small apartment building. They're small, and do not occupy too much space. Furthermore,...

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Japanese Cat Names For Your Special Pet

Most Japanese pet names are based off of certain things that are rich in their culture such as special meanings, special words, and exotic parts of the land, exotic flowers and famous people in Japanese history. Whichever name you prefer, you can always do research on it to find out the true meaning and origin. If you are looking for ideas to base your Japanese pet names from, here are some common pet names for cats, dogs or any other pet that are derived from Japanese words: Aiko - little love Aki - born in Autumn Akiko - autumn child Anda - meet at the field Akina - spring flower Ayame - iris Aneko- older sister Chiko - arrow Chika...

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Black Cat Names - The Impact of Black Cat Names

Color has an impact on the choices people make. People instantly react to a particular color giving a glimpse into its meaning and symbolism. Cats, in particular, conjure up such strong magnet as black. Being black, people easily evoke strong emotions to these felines. From sophisticated elegant symbol of the gods to the evil incarnate of the black art. Black, originally used by Proto-Indo-Europeans to burn or gleam, commands respect and power. It appears in cats as classic and mysterious because of the color's association to emptiness -- the unknown. It has been highly regarded very unlucky by the European and European-American traditions, but concomitant to the sailor's good luck beliefs. It also has been considered a fortunate one as...

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Inspirational Bible Verses About Perseverance

The Bible has a wide variety of inspiration verses, on a number of different topics, many of which are perfect for our current set of economic and social difficulties. When I need something to pick me up, I always turn to the Bible and read what it has to say about perseverance to help get me out of my current slump. In America today, perseverance is something that's definitely under-appreciated by society. That's too bad, since we've seen time and again that having a persevering mentality and spirit can really be the difference in finding your dreams and not finding them. I know of many people with gifted talents and abilities who, somewhere along the line, gave up persevering toward...

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Bibles Verses for Good Decision Making

When it comes to decision making, people take their own decision or consult an experienced person or decide through their past results. When you are in a position to decide something, be very strong in the fundamentals and then proceed accordingly. We read in the Bible, in Psalm 11:3, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? ". When you make a decision, it is good to consult it with wise people who are more experienced than you. They would have come across your stage and will really know how to tackle the situation. When you decide something, make a sketch with your plans, on how to move forward. Proverb 15.22 says, "Plans fail for lack of...

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