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3 Approaches That Affect Women Entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneur is derived from a French word Entrepreneur that means to undertake. It is also defined as one who undertakes a commercial enterprise and who is an organizational creator and innovator. He is a person who introduces something new into an economy. The concept of entrepreneurship is not new but the dimension of women entrepreneurs is a new prism to see and analyze the concept. To be an entrepreneur the most effective thing to understand is the entrepreneur behavior. It is about utilizing resources beyond the immediate scope of the entrepreneur and his or her venture. However for a gender specific entrepreneurship this concept might include certain reservations. The literature defines female entrepreneurs as those who use their...

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The Power of Women

Women are regarded falsely as the weaker sex, but it is not so. This is because man takes coarseness as signs of strength, and women are naturally not in that league. They are incidentally psychically stronger than men, which makes men more or less dependent on their whims. Why are women stronger? In the divine realm, there is hardly any separation between male and female species, until we reach the beginning of creation. The twenty-four Elders mentioned in the Book of revelations in the Bible, for example, are at the last outposts of Divinity, and combine the species of male and female within themselves. In the symbolism, the male bears the vertical form but the female bears the horizontal form....

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Women: Love Your Imperfections

Whew. That's a loaded topic. Especially, if you're busy professional women trying to do it all. After all, every woman knows that if she does everything right and is perfect in all ways that she'll be deserving of love and get the love she wants. Hogwash! Being perfect will not get you loved. In fact, trying to be perfect makes you irritable. It makes it challenging for other people to be around you. And that makes you one of the most difficult people to love. So, stop striving for perfection! Instead, embrace your imperfections. What Causes Women to Strive for Perfection? To embrace and love your glorious imperfections you must first understand what's driving your strive for perfection. In a...

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11 Sneaky Intimacy Tricks

No # 01 Greet your partner in a way that creates deeper connection. Pay attention to how you greet your partner. Is it with a list of chores? Or problems? Or just a sideways 'Hi' without any eye contact? What to do instead: Stop what you are doing; your partner deserves a minute of your undivided attention. Look at them, smile, hug and hold them dearly while hugging for at least 10 seconds (champions go for a whole minute! Let me know if it's you here). This is better done in silence. Your relationship will benefit immensely! And this will only take a minute, at most two. No # 02 Add a 30-seconds kiss to your daily routine I think...

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The Rewards of a Loving Relationship

What I have discovered that could help many relationships out there is to constantly build my relationships. This isn't just with my lover although she benefits the most. Because we get to spend so much time together we have found it ever so important to not only relax with each other but to also go on adventures, with and without the kids. We love them ever so much but as a couple we have taken time for just one another, to give each other the kind of love only couples can. The greatest successes I have seen in other couples is that they are striving to spend as much time together as possible. Life is busy enough without taking time...

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