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The Simple Truth That Transforms the Law of Attraction

What if the entire universe, all of it, is but a reflection of limitless consciousness? And what if every possible outcome is unfolding simultaneously? What if we could select, as if from a mind-boggling buffet, any moments we choose to cooperate with in order to experience it? What if we are choosing each moment in order to understand who we are in relationship to that experience or circumstance? What if we are all ONE mind simply playing different parts? What if time is not real and all events and all possible events are actually occurring right NOW? In other words, what if now, this moment, is all there is, although we experience it as linear time? Choosing to experience a...

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The Law of Attraction and Other Unexpected Surprises

I have always been a believer in the Law of Attraction, that is to say that I was aware of my ability manifest what I gave attention and acted upon. I also believe that when I feel good (clear conscience) about my decisions that things not only will work out - they will be work out well for everyone. My confidence in this law goes beyond knowing that my thoughts will create what I desire. My thoughts will also draw to me experiences that my soul needs to grow. The following story about how a small disaster was actually just what I needed to create a successful business. I had just finished that last concrete pour on a large stamped...

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How The Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

In life, there are a lot of different things that can positively affect your life. You may not immediately think of certain things, but it's true. For instance, you're not going to find many people scoff at the notion of eating right and exercising. In fact, this is the premier thing that you can do for your body. It helps with weight loss, management, and can even stabilize mood. It's something that can absolutely pay off in a lot of different ways. The body can be mended and helped with exercise, but what about the mind? People may find that the mind is a difficult thing to really work on, especially when it comes to getting a handle of anxiety,...

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Reasons To Consider The Law of Attraction

There are a lot of hurdles that can cause you to stumble through life. Millions of people are having a hard time navigating through the many different challenges that are in front of them. If you are having a hard time going through things, you are not alone. There's a lot of elements that could cause you to lose sight of your forward progress. To offset that, you could look into the Law of Attraction. In fact, there are some really distinct reasons why this is a good thing for anyone to test out. Whether you are a religious, or spiritual person, this could very well change the way that you see the future. Even if you're not much for...

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Steps To Use The Law of Attraction For Your Life

People of all ages and backgrounds are starting to learn about the Law of Attraction. This is a beautiful thing when you start to look at how it can improve your daily world view. It all starts with pushing out negative energy, and reaching for the stars. When you reach past the negativity that plagues many people, you will start to see a manifestation of greatness, and that is something that will bring to you better relationships, more money, and so much more. Getting there is a difficult task at first glance, but it can be moved along with a few steps. Focus On Meditation The first thing that you should do is simple, learn to meditate. Meditation allows you...

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