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11 Best Ways to Keep a Man Interested

While finding the right man who is a perfect match is hard, it is even more challenging to keep the man interested. Once you have established that two of you are a match, you must learn how to keep him interested. Men want someone who is desirable to them but still admired by many. So don't adjust your life completely. Be mysterious, have your sweet moments with other people. Here's how to keep a man interested. Appreciate Him and be Grateful for the Things he Does for You Let your man know how grateful you are for how he handles things. Compliment him when he helps you out in the house. Don't wait for the significant events. The fact that...

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Love is a Decision: Mature Love is Not a Feeling

During our marriage preparation in 1985, my husband and I were introduced to the concept of "Love is a decision." A decision is a deliberate choice and for us, marriage was a serious lifelong commitment that wasn't to be taken lightly. Sure, we were best friends, we were compatible and we were in love. Many people approach marriage this way, but when things go wrong - when they no longer feel like they are best friends, when they drift apart and when they are no longer in love, the marriage deteriorates and divorce is an option. Did you notice the word "FEEL" above? That means, if things change, if our emotions change, we can make decisions based on "irreconcilable differences."...

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5 Keys to a Deeper Love Walk

Love. Just the word invokes thoughts of hearts-and-flowers, fuzzy feelings and warm hugs. I'm reminded of those notes in grade school, "I love you. Do you love me? Yes or no?" It seems sad to me now that we had to ask if we were loved. Shouldn't love be obvious? Jesus said that all men shall know that ye are My disciples: if ye have love one for another (John 13:35). The Amplified Bible describes it as 'unselfish concern for one another'. Jesus expected that love and unselfish concern to be obvious among His followers. It's supposed to be the benchmark that sets Christians apart from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, it's not. It seems we can't get along with our...

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He'll Look at You Differently If You Do This

Do you feel like you need to look a certain way in order to attract the right man for you - or get more attention from your current man? You may believe that most men - especially the good looking and successful ones - only want women who look like runway models and don't want to settle for a woman who is considered average looking. And you're so not alone. Millions of women think they don't fit their country's beauty standards. As a woman who used to only see her flaws in the mirror, I say I hear and feel you darling. And I'm also here to give you the good news: It's not true. However here is what's true:...

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What Makes You More Attractive to Him

Does the following statement feel familiar to you? "I don't need a man to do anything for me. I feel more comfortable doing everything on my own. I like to be in control." If you are anything like how I was, your answer is yes. I thought it would be very strong of me to never let a man do anything for me. I thought it would make me attractive to men. "No you don't need to come pick me up, I can drive myself." "It's OK that if it's -10 degrees outside, you sit in the car, I'll pump the gasoline." "I can pay for my half of the bill." And the truth is, yes of course I could...

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